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Online Comics Kung Fu Comedy crazy cool Kapow Express

Online Comics Kung Fu Comedy crazy cool Kapow Express panels update again.

Ok, I decided to update again replace the half with the whole page of Kapow Express. :)

Just a few panels I quickly color sketch them out... cuz I figure most of you (if you are paying any attention to the comics.) would want to know what happen next. And believe me, so do I. I wish I could draw and paint faster than I am now. It would be nice if I could draw and paint panels as fast as I come up with the story and such.

OK, if you are interested in this particular Manga style here are some tutorials Draw Manga facial expression. Also here is some Naruto stuff (I know, I can't help it) How to draw Naruto Manga Anime. And some tutorial with full body (figure) and stuff How to draw Manga Anime girl, How to draw Goth Anime girl *include the use of digital screentone (half tone), Drawing tutorial zombie ninja character (*This one has a lot more render detail) and Draw Metal Gear Girl female assassin style. Well, check it out. Hope you enjoy them tuts.

Here is Chapter 2 page 6 *The whole page!!!
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Here is previous post Kapow Express Chapter 2 page 5
Or check the whole comic at Manga Online Comics Kapow Express

As usual, feel free to give me idea on the story line, gags...something cool that should happen. It's fun to implement the audiences' thought.



Luca said…
Xia I think you're already doing Great work so often and so much! There's no need to kill yourself, I also want to know more of this cool story, but drawing Manga all the time is not very good (in my opinion!). There were days when I used to draw only manga all the time, and when I came to draw environments and different styles, I was like a small kid!

Anyways, cool art as always bro and also, I really like the last panel. She's so sexy!

pokepetter said…
Soon they're gonna be attacked and it seems like they're gonna lose, but then the old lady with 130 years of fighting experience shows up and help them to victory. ...Right?

Looking forward to plot twists and cliffhangers along with thriller fights.

Good job man :D
dahaca6022 said…
Now Bing Bing is hot!How about making a macho pose for Cheng giving our heroes a lecture!
As pokepetter said plot twists and cliffhangers!!!

Luca- I know what you mean!Must practise both anatomy and manga!Only manga spoils you!Nevertheless,Xia is combining them both so don not worry!

PROTOTYPE is out!See it you may get inspired!
XIA said…
Luca> thanks brother, yeah...I know but Kapow is getting pretty exciting right now...can't wait for the action scene and my unconventional army of Zombies...wait did I just slipped the plot out? ha ha ha

Pokepetter> ha ha...Damn it! You just tell everyone what's going on! SPOILER!!! Ah man! Just kidding, you are almost right. Half of it anyway. But great! as if you've read my mind. :D

dahaca> Thanks brother! What happen to the ideas you keep feeding me? Need some funny twisted thoughts. Prototype the game? or what is it? Anime?
Alina Chau said…
Nice comic page!!
Luca said…
Xia>> Thanks man! Mecha is AWESOME! bow* Much appreciated :)
Chris said…
ZOMBI- *faints*
dahaca6022 said…
I got an idea!The old lady will help our heroes in giving them directions or whatever if they get or bring her something from "a abandoned dojo"(ninjas!).she tells them a scary story about the dojo!

Another idea!She is blind,right?So there should be a hypnotical paranormal event-ninjas or that short man or even UFO?!She is the only one not hypnotised...
Looks pretty cool, keep it up. I was curious about if you knew of a free program to draw with, that makes it look like you're digitally drawing on paper or just a photoshop substitute since i dont have the money for it. I couldve swore seeing something like that here on your blog. Let me know, thanks.
Luca said…
Mike "Ki Gen" Suazo> Hi there. In fact there is a software which is totally free. It's called "GIMP". Xia uses it every now and then. Check this out:

Good luck!
XIA said…
Alina> Thanks Dear :)

Chris> Not yet, not have to witness them first bro.

dahaca> You always have great I will have to implement some of these. ha ha

Mike> As Luca said goto

Luca> Thanks for having my back brother. :)
Luca said…
Second part is great Xia, esp the 2nd panel :) The story is getting cooler with every panel
C-Train said…
I love the whole thing!! great job!!!