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Drawing Anime Girl tutorial

Drawing Anime Girl tutorial quick sketching process
A BASIC tutorial on drawing a girl in the manga anime style, this time focusing on simple drawing and coloring techniques.

I thought I haven't really done clean vibrant Anime/Manga stylize influence in a I just sketched up one last night. First I was going for the high key but then the colors and values kind of sway me so I change my mind to keep it at mid key somehow. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Here is a couple hi-key color tutorials Anime Tutorial How to draw and color (This one with light blue color schemes and leaning more toward color scheme.), Draw Anime Girl (This one uses complimentary color schemes Blue and Orange very subdue and bright at the same time) and Draw and Color Comics woman (This is off blue to green with complimentary peachy skin tone.) Hope these help!

Art tips: If you want to be a superb artist, always have a sketchbook at all times. Doodle, scribble, sketch. Play with shapes and lines. Nothing intense, just silly scribbling. You could even do it while watching your TV.

Final sketch: Drawing Anime/Manga Style girl

Here are step by step still images:
how to draw anime manga

Final image:
how to draw anime manga

Here is a Video tutorial: How to draw anime girl


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CJ said…
awesome work men, your tutorials are very useful for all the people that appreciate the art. I would like to ask u, what size of image did u use to make the draws on photoshop?thanks

and sorry for my english :p
XIA said…
Final image 1800 x 2400 px GOTO Q/A
on the right side of the blog for all the BASIC questions, look around. Or type in the green search box. :)
CJ said…
whoops sorry i didn´t see that, xd. thanks so much i really appreciate it
Luca said…
Brother she's so cool. Her position is really original and the skin tone is great as well.

By the way, is it possible you make some tutorial on foreshortening?

Nick Fechter said…
Such smooth anatomy drawing on your part Xia. I'm starting to get the hang of anatomy as well, and with the new anatomy book that I just bought I plan on whiping my old sketchbook and doing some serious doodling
Casey said…
CJ, thanks for asking about the size of the page. I've been using 1000x1000, and when it comes time to shrink it a bit it comes out too small. I also figured out to draw most of the drawing at 200 dpi, then for the last touchups resize to 300dpi, so you can get more detail in. I'll try 1800x2400, Xia. Good tutorial.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brothers, Foreshotening...possibly. But in the mean time, just use basic perspective, it's the same for building and human.

Nick> Thanks, go check my twitter post and look for Bridgeman e-book download for free. He's one of the best of all time.

Casey> For more detail in size. I think of it this way, I usually work 2 or 3 times the final size.
Whatever the format maybe. If you are going to print you have to work way bigger (200 x300 dpi is about right for print, but you have to work twice the print size) Standard printing sizes are 5x7, 9x12, 11x14, 11x17 inches.
Jack said…
you got some great stuff here :) i am gonna stop by often
Gibbo said…
sometimes i just look at the work and i just think how does he do that with such ease, even something as simple as this, i know its a tutorial and u demonstrate exactly how u do it but, still manages to amaze me to this day. keep posting it really means alot to struggling artists out there.
XIA said…
Jack> Thanks brother, you should. :) See you around.

Gibbo> Thanks brother! Gestures was my specialty. Life drawing will accelerate your drawing process...economy of lines use and such. Especially in 1-2 mins poses and fun! And honestly I messed up a lot, like in this one it turn out OK, but I really didn't like her face much...I should go and fix it sometimes. Practice practice practice, no secret :)