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Web comics Kungfu fighting action pack Kapow Express

Web comics Kungfu fighting action pack Kapow Express...well it's also comedy from time to time.
Here is another update from Kapow Express:

***Adding another half page update on July 9th, 2009

It's been sometimes, I have been trying to do good drawing or painting in the past couple of didn't turn out...but tonight possibly I am determine to make the better one than the last Digital painting video tutorial Court Lady, or at least up to the same par.

Anyway, it's KAPOW EXPRESS time.
Previously on Kapow: Cheng, Bing Bing, and unconcious Mei ran into the strangely quiet village. They see nobody in town. Apparently, the red lantern OLD lady showed up...and it accidentally scared them. Mei woke up wondering where she is. The kung fu kids are looking for lodge and food, but seems no one can offer them in this town. Here is what happen next:

And for newest art tutorials don't forget here Digital painting video tutorial Court Lady, and recent pieces Drawing Tutorial Zombie ninja character. Also if you are looking for something a little more challenging Mecha Robot Tutorial process update.

Here is Chapter 2 page 7 *The First Half!!!
webcomics, comix, kapow express, manga, online, cartoon, graphic novel, kungfu, bing bing, mei
webcomics, comix, kapow express, manga, online, cartoon, graphic novel, kungfu, bing bing, mei

Here is previous post Online Manga Comics Kapow Express Chapter 2 page 6
Or check the whole comic at Manga Online Comics Kapow Express

Hope you enjoy the Manga Comics


Neovirtu said…
Hey Xia, keep the posts coming, I love them, this is keeping my inspired and motivated to draw more...

Your online mangas are cute too! I recently bought your Face Constructed I - drawing/rendering face package. I must say it has helped me so much, thank you thank you!

Also, do you have any times on how to get better at anatomy, any exorcizes or things I can do? Tips?

I have an anatomy book for artists but it's just pictures...I feel it doesn't help!

Thank you.
Chris said…
Hi Neo, I'm not Xia (atleast I don't think I am...) but the main thing I would do is go to life drawing sessions. If you are lucky you might find a free one (my uni does a session once a week) or atleast a not too expensive one.

Of course that might not be practical in your area, so the best things to do there would be to maybe sketch family members and friends, or nip down to your local library - they should surely have more books on how to draw the figure etc.

Failing that the internet may be your friend:

Also there's no shame in using something like to get a pose right.

Look at skeletal structures, muscle structures... but the two things you do to improve is:


Don't feel like you're supposed to be able to whip out figures from your memory with ease (atleast not yet). Even the mighty Xia spends a fair chunk of time having to tweak some of his characters to make them look correct.

Hope this helps a bit, and good luck.
Luca said…
Chris> Man you couldn't explain any better! Well done :D

Xia> "If you hear a noise, don't be curious understand?" >> Well I don't care what she said, I'm SO curious to see what can these noises be... Could it be that zombies come during the night and annihilate all that moves, since the village is abitaed only by this old lady? I think the old lady might have a super defensive room full of metal sheets and protective armour room. Or maybe even some spell that keeps the zombies' chi away from her house.
The story is getting so exciting Xia, keep it up :)
Neovirtu said…
Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for your reply, you saved Xia some time (and a head ache!)

I study Computer Arts and Life Drawing is an *essential* module, so I do that at university anyway, but it's summer break here so... I regret not signing up for extra Life Drawing classes (free for students) - but I took the General Drawing course instead (silly me..)

Thanks for the links, that's a ton of books to read!

I do use Posemaniac from time to time, but I feel I don't learn anything, I'd like to know general rules and tips I can stick to in my mind if I don't have a reference!

Thanks again =)
Casey said…
Xia, your numerous tutorials have helped me get away from lineart, but I'm still having difficulty with the technical end of coloring (tools and layers and such). Here is a quick 1 hour sketch that I murdered with a Multiply color layer. Minotaur Sketch color massacre

Please help, anyone. Any tutorials with specific help would be great; I feel like I've searched all over the Internet for days now.
Chris said…
Hi Casey,

The layers can be hard to get used to! However this handsome young fellow seems to help give a basic outline of some tools and layers:

Also check to the right of the main page, where it says "Menu: Pick One!" and scroll down that long list until you reach the links called "Theories and Tips". Some of it should answer your questions. Good luck!
XIA said…
Looks like all the COOL cats are taking care of stuff. Just like the nature of Things, things will be completed and left nothing undone. Thx :) So ZEN of me.
Sorry I was on a trip to visit some friends...been a while.

NeoVirtue> Thanks, Yep Chris is right on, I agree LIFE drawing session! go like once or twice a week for at least a year, try to pick what to study. REALLY OBSERVE!

Chris> Thanks brother for having my back around here, Great advice and stuff/links you have here also. Thanks for those also.

Luca> Thanks brother! Ha ha, it's about to get sexy and fun!!! and bloody.

C-train> thanks

Casey> Thanks brother, I am glad them tuts help. That's the goal of this site and that's what get me going three years back. To make me a better artist by record some of my own process and work harder,...and since I've learn from many great artists online step by step... I thought I would take it a little further. Yeah, like Chris says, browse around...there are tons of GOOD and BAD stuff you can pick from.
webay said…
thanks for your sharing.
Luca said…
Xia, I noticed you posted the second part, well done bro. Her father would kill her... mmmm the story is getting interesting. So now even her sword has it's own legacy.

XIA said…
Webay> Thanks :) see you soon

Luca> Hopefully brother, hopefully. We'll see... :)