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Concept art thumbnail sketching process for Character design

How to draw executioner concept art thumbnail sketching process for Character design.

Thought I should do some character concept design process from the beginning to the end. I start this one from really rough line just try to get the silhouette of what I want. I am looking for huge mean guy like the executioner style melee dude. I want to emphasis again that thumbnail sketches are rough drawings, sometimes only comprehensible to the designer, used to explore layout options. These quick pen or pencil sketches allow the designer to try out several ideas and zero in on the most likely layouts before beginning a project.

Creating thumbnail sketches is a crucial part of the brainstorming aspect of your design work. Don't discount the value of this step in the design process.

Since it's been a little while since I did anything from the ground up. So here it is one of the thumbnail character, Executioner.

For this thumbnail sketch, I took it a little further than usual and try to get the composition and basic values for overall sketch to make sure that this is what I really want before I start really fleshing it out. It took me about 15-20 by far, a little longer than I thought.

Here are step by step process sketching thumbnail character design.

digital painting tutorial thumbnail

Executioner Thumbnail sketch.
digital painting thumbnail character
To be continued

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manit said…
this executioner sketch is awesome.still have thousands of things to learn from you.
Luca said…
Xia it may have taken you a bit more for a thumbnail but it's definitely a well designed thumbnail. Great work so far. looking forward for this one!
Chris said…
You must have coffee being fed directly into your blood stream to find the time to do your work and your personal work.

Here's something that I bookmarked a while ago as a source of inspiration/agony. Hope you guys feel the same! :P
dahaca6022 said…
WOW!This is awesome!Hope that's not Mei's father cause she will be in a hell lot of trouble!
XIA said…
manit> Thanks brother, we always have things and things to learn from each other. :)

Luca> Thanks, I am experimenting with the new way to fresh out stuff, no actually it's the same way as I usually do but tweaking step slightly little bit. We will see.

Chris> Ha ha, I wish...used to love coffee, but now most likely...RockStar and Vodka circulating simultaneously in my body with little hint of blood there. I try to leave Vodka out until the end of late night so I can actually get some work done.

Those are awesome! My most favorite has to be #3 The guy obviously know lighting for real, and it didn't even look like he try too hard. Clean solid...skillz Wow super BADASS!

dahaca> Oh yeah, Kapow...coming soon. :)
Chris B said…
Wow amazing and not fully detailed. The armour is cool looking. Hey do you take requests XIA? Because I love the Halo games but they never have Female Spartans and I would love to see you take on a
sexy female Spartan!
Keep up the sweet art.
XIA said…
Chris B> I thought I would finish this one first...but I will see what I can do...will give it a try soon. :) Thanks
Chris B said…
oh so you are doing more to this one sweet can't wait to see what it look like next. also thaks for thinking about it XIA your the best.
pokepetter said…
It should be said that when you start out in the middle range with low contrast, it will be easier to gradually work out the light and shadow. However, most people would skip the line drawing step and go straight to silhouette.

I'm looking forward for this Xia.
Luca said…
Pokepetter> Actually, I have found that when I do line art, my creativity kinda stops. In my recent work, I started with value striaght away and try to capture the right silhouette. Obviously this is a personal preference and I really have been trying out so many different approaches till I found the right one- at least for now! :)