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Female portrait painting quick sketch color

Female portrait painting quick sketch color.

It's also one of the character I develop for the Zodiac project. I accidentally merged everything down and forgot to save a copy so no step by step. It didn't take me that long and I guess that why I keep merging them down. Anyway, I'm sure you can find something similar that I did around this blog. Or here is a basic instruction for drawing female face step by step "Drawing humans head female face how to" or for in depth instruction you can go get "How to paint portrait"

how to paint female portrait profile

Anyway, here is a similar video how to start drawing female from side view and such

For step by step still images goto digital painting and drawing learn to draw and How to draw face and head shading. Well, hope these instructions and tips are helpful.

More art is coming soon :)

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Luca said…
Thanks Xia. You really keep me motivated to draw even if I'm loaded with school work!

By the way, thanks for yesterday's reply. I really enjoyed watching some of those artists' work. I'll defninitely go in some deep research. If you know some more good names, please let me know brother.

THANKS again for the great work you do... I hope to get to portraits and be as good as you!

All the best man.
Krista said…
I noticed your website especially because girls are the only thing I can draw. If I try to draw a guy, it ends up looking like a girl. So I draw girls too :)

Except my drawings aren't nearly as detailed as this. Great drawing :)
Gibbo said…
cool style in this one the image seems to vibrate i think its the line work, but i like it, thanks for all the tuts
The video is really helpful for me,and it is indeed a fantastic task to draw the side face of a person by computer.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother, keep up the good work...don't load yourself too much with tons of work, you might get burn out. Keep doing it as long as it's fun and challenging. It's goes on forever and never end, you can just do it on the slow pace. :)

Krista> Thanks, I love drawing girls/woman...there are the most inspiring subject to me. Well, I draw many things depending on what I feel like. Many have the opposite problem from you, tons of artists can draw guys really good, but when it come to girls...they aren't up to the task. :)

Gibbo> Thanks man, and you are very welcome..I will try to come up with more.

Auckland> Thank you, Im glad they are helpful to you and many. It takes sometimes to get use to drawing on the tablet, but the foundation of drawing is the same as on the paper. Keep it up!
mohit said…
thanks xia! & this one is awesome.i think there is a lot to learn.great work.
my.firstSkizze said…
hi your site so have great tutorials here..thanks for sharing. i bought a tablet few months ago but don't really know how to use it. :( love all your are really talented. hopefully i will be able to draw like you one day..
XIA said…
mohit> Thx, learning is always is for everyone, sky is the limited. The more you do, the better you get.

myfirstskizze> Thanks, it will take a while to get use to tablet, but once you get the hang of will no longer have to buy any paint (they are expensive) unless you really have to. Also don't abandon traditional method altogether. Pencil is still king for practice figures in life drawing class. :)