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How to draw Spiderman

How to draw Spiderman. Learn to draw comics superhero.
Here is a Spiderman drawing video demo. This one is also a little more stylize or cartoony rather than going the realistic rout. I found, personally, that it's fun to exaggerate or accentuate the figure and make it more to your liking or preference. It's a big different from drawing the Hulk with massive exaggeration of muscle groups (*previous video tutorial, How to draw comics character Hulk .) when I sketch. SpiderMan, on the other hand, is very slim but still rip so it fun to sketch tighter or smaller muscle groups on the figure. They both have very different silhouette, and it's fun to think about it and try to analyze the similarity and different.

And this one is in a typical comics action pose, for those of you who request more of how to draw action poses, here it comes.

If you are looking for more realistic tutorial for studying then there are portraits tutorials go watch Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. Also basic instruction for step by step drawing "Drawing humans head female face how to" and step by step still images goto digital painting and drawing learn to draw and How to draw face and head shading. Well, hope these instructions and tips are helpful.
As for figures, go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomystep by step and video and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video

Anyway, more superheros are coming up and it's very refreshing for me to study and do quick sketches rather than never ending painting of illustration from time to time. I was never really a big fan of drawing superheros, but now it's addictive. It's like I don't have to think much in term of concept, just focus on accuracy of the figure and have fun with the muscle groups. No wonder, many good artists love to draw them. :)

*Again, this piece is a quick sketch study, don't expect it to be pretty like my finished piece. Just good fun for me and for demonstration purpose

Here is a final quick sketch:

Here are step by step: How to draw SpiderMan
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Watch the Video Tutorial How to draw SpiderMan Comics character:

Here is another Quick Sketch of Spiderman:
How to draw Spiderman step by step:
How to draw Marvel comics spiderman

And Video Basic drawing demo Spiderman:

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Anonymous said…
Great! I'd buy Spider-Man comics if you started doing all the art.
idrawgirls said…
Ano> Thanks man! But that would probably never happen. ha ha...maybe if I am retiring from gaming concept. :)
Gronkal said…
i think that you have done a great job with this blog it is highly informational, and i have learned a lot from it probably even more than my three year art program.
keep this great job up. =-)
idrawgirls said…
Gronkal> Thanks brother, Im flatter. Well, that's the blog purpose and my intention to have all the art knowledge I gather over years and have it available 24/7 online so that the new generation and come watch and get a thing or two...and hopefully some of you will go on to be the next badass artist. ;) Good luck!
MisfitMarx said…
I fucking love your blog i'm gonna be pretty often
MisfitMarx said…
I'm gonna use your art tutorials to help me tap back in to my drawing. I need to design my blog better
idrawgirls said…
@MisfitMarx Thanks brother! Cheers! ;-)