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Digital painting process machine gun concept

How to draw machine gun.  Digital painting process machine gun concept, Step by step from rough sketch to finished render.

Hi guys, it's been a week since I update some art work or any sketch. I've been busy with the holiday stuff and cooking some code in my little project called "Zodiac Blades." Here are some update for the art on the project. If any of you remembered, the guy had a glove, a flaming hand, then now I decided that it would be a lot easier with the heavy weapon like machine gun. I thought it would be easier for me with the personal project I am going with. The cool thing is, with machine gun, he can easily switch weapon to flame thrower, shotgun, and many heavy different looking kind of weapon. And it will be good for me as an artist to sketch and paint more of a gritty sci-fi genre.

I'm still thinking about doing some more free tutorial as soon as I get some time in my hand, recently I did a bunch of typical superheroes video tutorial sketch and shading basically on how to draw comics so there are How to draw Marvel Susan Storm from Fantastic 4, How to draw comics superhero spiderman, How to draw Batgirl, How to draw Emma Frost X-men, How to draw supergirl, How to draw Jean Grey X-men and my How to draw comics character Hulk, it also has coloring or paint over tutorial. Also the new arrival video tutorial, How to draw Captain America. And an older video tut, How to draw Batman or Darknight. More on comics characters drawing, I have a few female or girl characters line up so...

Also there are some of the video that might help you refine your art skill foundation I would recommended like how to render basic unique style facial character from start to finish Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, Character design sketch villain or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. And with male anatomy study: Drawing body muscle torso anatomy and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep these are quite short, but could be valuable for you if you are interested in learning drawing body and such.

If you are looking for

Hopefully there will be more art coming from idrawgirls' kitchen. Now I am really busy learning some code for iphone SDK and Java. It's fun but it's kinda hard for me since I've never done any real coding other than html, xml and java script. Have fun guys, will update more soon. :)

Anyway, here is an image of our hero with the weapon of his choice for now.

Dude with machine gun concept art (still in the work)

Here are step by step how I sketch and paint machine gun concept art.

digital painting process machine gun concept art

digital painting concept art process


Luca said…
Hey brother, how are you doin! Yep, I've been getting in here daily and no posts for a week... but now i'm really glad to see you back. The idea of the fire hand was cool, but the way he's now is good as well. Also that gun will be real badass to see it switching from one weapon to another! Cool design as well.

Xia, honestly, ever since I've been following you and your friends work, my artistic life changed! As you can see from my art, but mostly my understanding is improving everyday... the more artwork you and your friends upload the more I understand! Xia, you do all of this price-less precious videos and tips just for the sake of helping young artists-- it's incredible! One thing I regret is that I'm not from the US, cause I'd definitely come nearby and go out for a drink-- I pay! :P

And one other thing that I really hate of not being in the States, is that I'll have to miss Kekai's workshop next Sat! :(

Anyways brother, thanks again, much appreciate what you do!
Oh, even we're least we can communicate through internet!

Knuckles930 said…
I think what you said goes for a lot of people around here, and its good to actually put the word out, beside the work you make.

I would suggest to buy him a coffee, but the link doesn't seem to work anymore.

Or if you havened jet, maybe some of the featured tutorials, so he can get a coffee from that. :)
Chris said…
Hi Xia, I've sent you an email (, if you have the time to read it that'd be great.
manit said…
hi! xia.hope u are fine.your work really inspire me a are our big support.i never feel handicapped in this field just because of you.well i am planning to come to US in next coming 2-3years in order to meet you and for that kekais workshop that luca was talking about.its not 100% final but i am plannig out things.u will get a treat from me when i will come to US.thats for sure.u helped us a lot man.
Kurt said…
Hey xia,

I also sent you an email about art usage. If you have the time please respond. Email was from euronyght-at-gmail-dot-com. (obviously not spelled out haha)
Anonymous said…

I just bought your "Female Manga Fusion I" tutorial - all your work is great, man! - but I have a doubt on the operation and work of the brush. In the beginning of the 5th minute of the first video file, when you start to paint the silhouette of the girl, what are the parameters of the brush (size, opacity, etc) and of the layer? I just can't get the same results. When I use a low opacity, the brush kinda recolours over the places where he has already painted.
Thanks for the help!

PS: I wish to draw as well as you do someday :)
XIA said…
Sorry for the late reply guys!!!
Luca> thanks, Im glad you are getting better and better and we are happy to inspire you. You stick around for a long time and you are one of the oldest members on our blog. And it shows in your work, hard work and study pays off. Keep it up!

Knuckle> Thanks for the Boost Knuckle, LOL :)

Chris> Got it! thx

Manit> Thanks brother, LOL I don't know if I will ever get a chance to do live workshop. Kekai will still be doing that I'm sure, he is in high demand right now and probably will for a long time. You shouldn't miss a workshop with him. :)

Kurt> Yes, I got it...I will reply ASAP

Cassio> thanks, I know it can go pretty have to watch it a few times and don't expect that you will get the same exact result in the first few trials. I've been doing this for over 5 years....and more than 8 hours a day (including 3d stuff). Be patience and practice everyday if you want to get good.
So the brushes...usually in the beginning I make it big enough that I can see it on the cavas clearly. Possibly around 15-20 in size (that's relative to the canvas size, the bigger your canvas, the bigger you have to use your brush in the beginning) Normally I start off with 1400px x 1000px or 700px x 500px)
Opacity when sketch 30-50% to begin with. Then I use a full 100% in the end to clean up.
Watch it again if you aren't clear about some stuff...lots of information goes over your head really fast you might not catch them all. Hope that helps.

Zantium said…
Hi Xia

Thanks for the extended bits for the FM1 video series, watched a little of it and it look good.
Really enjoy watching you work although it's so different to how I work and I'm struggling to emulate your process and paint quickly and loosely.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
mdh21 said…
XIA I have a question please :)
(well, isn´t exactly of this drawing, is general)

when first you paint in a gray scale all shadows and similar(like your awesome Hulk drawings), and then, when you add color, Do you use a now layer in mode "color" ? or what?

Please answer :)
Luca said…
mdh21> I'm not Xia but I can help you with this, Normally Xia starts adding color with new layers normally in either Soft Light, Overlay or Multiply. They allow you to start putting color to greyscale. Of course there are other layers that have their own use. One example is the Screen mode which is very good to bring highlights.There is also Linear Dodge which is good for highlighting. Hope you find this info useful! goodluck.

Xia> thanks a LOT brother! sincerely, you're awesome man ;)
Chris said…
Hi mdh21 perhaps I can help,

After Xia has finished his grey scale sketch he then uses overlay, multiply and screen to find the base colours. I suggest testing how each of these layers work before attempting to use them on your work. Once you are happy with those then try to mostly work in a normal layer. It's not really an exact science. To make sure you still have the correct values after you apply colour go to Layer> New Adjustment Layer> Black & White... then click ok and you now have a layer that you can show/hide whenever you need to check. Hope this helps!

Xia: congrats on the new GW2 vid. Are any of those armor designs yours? ;)
Chris said…
lol luca dude where did you spring from! great minds think alike is all ill say :D
Luca said…
Chris> oh yeah man, wow, not only great minds think alike, but also PERFECT timing! incredible! :)
mdh21 said…
Luca & Chris> Thx!
i was in a delicious moment(in trance) when I found that doubt and it stopped my inspiration.

I'll be in practice, Thanks!
XIA said…
Chris & LUCA> Thanks again guys for saving my butts. :) What would we do without you guys?

mdh21> Just like they said...BUT the most important things is putting the values in the right places. It will take some times. Good luck!
XIA said…
Zantium> You are welcome, all you guys have been a big support to the site. Happy holiday! :)
Jacob said…
I don't know where else to put this. I was trying to purchase the Female Fusion 1 video, but I got an error. I emailed Xia with a copy of the error message last Night, but he is on vacation. Does anyone know if the site has problems with using credit cards? That's what I was trying. I will make sure my account didn't get billed and try one more time.
Jacob said…
Sorry for the double post, but I got the order using the Amazon option. Credit card still wasn't working.
XIA said…
Jacob> If your email adress is jvvanpak(at) then I believe the downloadable link has been dispatch to you already on Sunday 13, 6:45 am pacific time. Make sure you check you spam box also. If you still haven't receive your link, let us know asap.
Knuckles930 said…
And now something completely different.

I would like to direct some attention to the searching for a name for the new community site. So far we only have a few, I'm sure you can all be creative enough to come up with some more.

End this week, I'll put up a Poll for about a week so you can vote.

Xia, if you like to also give some input that might also help.

(also my laptop is being salvaged tomorrow, so I should have it back up and running when the Poll ends)