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Drawing Chinese Vampire or Zombie step by step tutorial

How to draw Chinese vampire zombie.  Drawing Chinese Vampire or Zombie. Step by step digital painting tutorial.
It's called Chinese Vampire, but I actually thing this creature quality is a lot more like zombie than vampire. The official root name is Jiang Shi (simplified Chinese: 僵尸; traditional Chinese: 僵屍 or; pinyin: jiāngshī; literally "stiff corpse"). They are reanimated corpses that hop around, killing living creatures to absorb life essence (气/氣qì) from their victims. Jiāngshī is pronounced gœngsi in Cantonese, or kyonshi in Japanese. They are said to be created when a person's soul (魄 pò) fails to leave the deceased's body, due to improper death, suicide, or just wanting to cause trouble.
Anyway, it is part of my little pet project, Zodiac Blade. Here is a step by step quick speedpainting method of Chinese Hopping Vampire. This one is kind of similar to Zombie Ninja step by step digital painting process I did a while back.

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Hopping Vampire?

Here are step by step quick digital painting process.
digital painting process speedpainting

Here is the final speedpainting
zombie concept art

**Zodiac Blade illo *still in process"
digital painting process concept art

And some extra Chibi art form, just for the hell of it.
chibi anime character zombie


Ирина said…
First of all I have to say : your works are amasing!!! I really enjoy when I watch video - lessons :)
But now I have to draw comics by myself. I can draw ( I study at the faculty of disign), but I know nothing about comics and the way to draw them.
So, could you show me how to start, or maybe you know spesial literature or web-sites? I mean the same video lessons as your`s are :)
P.S.: SORRY for my english..
XIA said…
Pokepetter> thanks

Npnha (*sorry I don't have Cleric keys, you must me Slavic if I am correct)> Your question is very complicated to answer. I wold recommend first read the book by Scott McCloud or you can follow his Twitter feed at That's his specialty. Good luck, I might do some post with it, but I haven't done comics in a long time...I do mostly concept art.
Luca said…
Hey Xia! Thanks for updating man... this zombie must be some sick character :) I like the postition you made him especially how you changed the whole atmosphere in the last step image.
He absorbs 气- man that thing is precious!! Anyways, it's been a while since I studied my chinese writings, cool to see your explanation here.

Knuckles930 said…
Ирина, try to look around at other webcomics on the net. From what I noticed that most just seem to start and artwork wise, get better over time.

Something you should consider might be a story writer or at least have something. Or make something like this if you don't have a story but nice art.
Knuckles930 said…
Or this this.

Good example when you have no idea what to do. :P
Octavian Bene said…
Congratulations, Xia. 300 tutorials in 3 years is more then amazing. Your site is certain unique in the digital art community.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks bro, I sure hope so. :) Something is cooking.

Knuckle> Thanks Knuckle!

Octavian> Ha ha...I really wish more than half of them are better than they could have been. There will be more additional 300s over time. :)