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Digital Painting Color harmony using cool and warm

How to paint color in photoshop and get color harmony

Caolan> I was wondering if you could explain how you manage to blend your colours so well. My practices always turn out having that fakish 5yr-old-with-a-crayon look.

Xia> As for Blending, you probably mean establishing soft edge or lost edge . There are three important rules of painting which are shape, values, and edges. It sounds really simple, but values alone can take more than a decade to master. I don't usually blend I use soft brush and hard brush, they are sufficient enough for me. Blending does do good job with certain custom brushes, I don't really like the blending on default brushes (round)
As for why your painting looks like crayon stuff....probably because you are using too many colors and not focusing on values (for more detail of what I meant go read Color vs Values tips and technique. )or there is no color temperature and harmony between cool and warm. If you look at movie screenshots or good photography...there aren't that many colors in the shot or I should say you have to harmonize your colors and figure out how to tight them together using values and balance between cool and warm. But before that, I suggest work in monochrome color scheme for a while then add one color at the time. Reason for that is to introduce you to the one dominant color of the over all image then secondary then so forth. Then you can move on after that.

I would recommend read more tip and technique on the right hand column of the blog then you will understand more and practice, practice, practice. :)


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