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Speedpainting tutorial Mech robot Gaiking Digital painting process

Speedpainting tutorial Mech robot Gaiking Digital painting process. Here is how to draw and paint speedingpainting study video tutorial and step by step image process.
Well, speedpainting definition, as far as I understand, from the concept art standpoint is usually a study of subject (values and composition mostly) that is done in one sitting (approximately 20-60 mins or could be up to couple hours but not more).

Anyway, I felt inspired yesterday after watching Gaiking Trailer. Didn't even think that 1970s giant robot will ever come to life on silver screen. I really hope it will be well done as a good movie so that we can see more of many giant robots in movies soon in the future. I don't mind Transformer, but really they aren't my favorite. I think the Giant Robot Mecha in the 70s are the most badass and they are the first of their kind. :)

Anyway, if you enjoy this tutorial, there are similar type of video tutorials I have on the site. I recommended the following video Drawing War Machine Ironman 2, Silk Spectre speedpainting tutorial, Digital Painting Tutorial Video Court Lady, and the old How to draw and paint Ironman. You will enjoy the similar process or I hope. :)


And if you really like Mecha stuff these video tutorials are made especially for those who wants to draw and paint Mecha robot Drawing Mech or Mecha Tutorial (this one show quick sketch and painting mecha, kinda cool. One of my better ones). And this video, Concept tutorial Drawing Giant Mech, also pretty similar to the first one in regard of painting process. Digital drawing tutorial Mech soldier is different approach almost peedpainting like video and somewhat gets different result than usual. Also you can find some more mech or robot tutorials by browsing thumbnails on top of the blog.

Here is a final speedpainting study of Mech GaiKing:
drawing mecha robot tutorial

Watch Digital Painting Video tutorial Speedpainting Gaiking:

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These are a few songs I usually listen to when I am working on a Mecha or robot painting design. It has a very aggressive mechanical rhythm sound, but pretty melodic synth. I cannot really explain but they make me immense into the world of unknown easily.

Here are step by step speedpainting process:
digital art tutorial painting robot

how to draw mecha robot
Here is a bigger version: speedpainting mecha Gaiking

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Luca Cauchi said…
nice work brother! I think the last speedpainting you did was that one of Ironman 2. Hopefully you'll come up with more speedpaintings. Oh, and something I enjoyed is that you started talking abit more advance, like composition, values etc.

Anonymous said…
That is cool!
oyz said…
just visited your blog, please would you want to visit my blog again, I hope my blog will give you a new information, thank you
Niva said…
This is excellent work man, big fan of your site and the fact you show us your progress. Even when I don't dig some of the pieces I learn something by watching the wip and I always look through your feed. Really thank you a lot!

Felix said…
Wow, You are my idol.
me9a7 said…
like always, this is a very inspirational stuff bro. watching you paint makes my hand itch to just do an artwork :]

..and chicks dig giant robots! (megas xlr theme song lol):D
Andrew Taylor said…
Seeing your process really helps me understand how to construct some of my own images better.

globalization said…
I hope my blog will provide new information and I hope we can exchange links thank you for pushing our friendship
djyose said…
just picked up a intuos4 last week and happened to visit your site. i'm new to digital painting so really appreciate all the info in your vids. keep up the amazing work.
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks brother! I didn't even realized I was doing that but it's good right? :)

Ano & Oyz & Niva & Felix> Thanks guys! Plz do come again, there will always be more videos. Glad you guys learn a thing or two.

Me9a7> Thanks brothers, that's exactly the point...I sure hope you are working on something cool ;)

Andrew Tayler> Thanks brother! I'm glad these tutorial help and hopefully you will get a thing or two from them.

glovalization> I'm afraid your blog has nothing in commom with my blog and the link would not help either of us moving up on google ladder. Find some blog that has commonality with your content. Good luck.

djyose> You are very welcome. It will take a while to get use to wacom but once you do, it will be pretty easy to wheel. Best of luck! :)
snow said…
Hey Xia, sorry I haven't posted here in ages, been busy landing a job in 3d =]. Now I'm back into painting again, I've been using the standard photoshop brush, but i want to use something with some texture in it, which is the brush i regularly see you using in your quick sketch paintings? I have several of your brush packs and can't find it - please let me know man!

Thanks always! this place is so busy nowadays.
idrawgirls said…
Snow> Good for you! Congratz! In the brush set (right click) then select "large list", you will see names. I mostly use "grimeText 01" for env texture, and "cake brush07 #1" or "XiaNewRound001" Good luck. :)
Anonymous said…
I'm curious, do you have time to do stuff like this? Drawing for you own pleasure? I imagine you must get pretty busy sometimes, and might find yourself unable to do the things you want. In school, I find that I rarely ever have the time to draw for myself. Due to my assignments I haven't gotten sloppy, but I have become apathetic at times, and find myself either to exhausted or unenthused to create something for myself like I used to.
snow said…
I personally think it comes down to how motivated you are, not so much time. Obviously time has an impact, but there's always SOME time available. Look at artists, watch Xia work, buy some dvd's on digital painting, inspire yourself and use these tools to give you confidence and motiviation. Try treat it as relaxing, not as a chore. Aim for an hour a day to draw! I doubt every single person hits it, but I do my best. :P
snow said…
And thanks of course for the reply Xia! I'll be around a bit more now =].
Luca said…
Anonymous> A day is 24hours for everyone. I bet my buddy Xia gets really busy with work, but yet and still he does this stuff. It's our personal work that got us in art in the first place and we must never leave it no matter what. I have learn one important thing, it's not what I want to achieve but what I'm ready to give up so I can achieve my goals.

I donno if Xia agrees but I think the idea is more or less the same - principles.

idrawgirls said…
Anonymous> It's always still be a pleasure to draw or paint for me...most of the time it didn't feel like a job (lucky me). The thing that keep me going the most is GREAT ART. I just want to be able to nail it every single time and constantly improving and grow.
Like snow says, it's in fact if you are in the relaxing state (state of zen) you can produce the better piece. There is no ultimate goal because it will never be achieved, just constantly improving and moving to the next level onto the infinite.
Like life and self, you can always improve the quality of your life in many area...find your weakness and fix it. Also find your strength and perfect it.
Once in a while I will stay away from computer or drawing for weeks (apart from daily work), just cuz I feel like it. You have to find your balance and what make you ultimately happy.
1) Know what you want.
2) Find out how to get it
3) Put it in action
4) Realize you will get what you want eventually, it's just the matter of time and execution.
5) Once you get it, move on to next best things.
Be content, but never stay at the same place...always find the way to improve. Contentment is good, but it doesn't mean you give up. It means you are happy with what it is at the moment, but it doesn't mean you are not seeking for the better. You are, just not overdoing it. Once you understand the self and constantly happy everyday with the self, you will live and work happily ever after. :)
idrawgirls said…
luca> ditto to that. :)
diany said…
this is too freakin' awsome!!!
ur amazin'!
idrawgirls said…
Thx Diany. :) See you around.
Unknown said…
I love your work. Your style is very similar to my "ideal" style. I'm interested in creating comic books, do you think you'll have any tutorials available for sale that might cover creating interesting, dynamic poses for comic books?
idrawgirls said…
Michael> Thanks brother, comics um.... Well, honestly my main dish of specialization is pretty much figures and character concept designs. That what I do all the time and most companies hire me to do just that. And as you can see most feature tutorials are related to that. As for other things, I try to branch out and study them to further my skillz.
Comics dynamic poses are something I will still have a lot to catch up on because I don't usually get to do them. It requires lots of extreme foreshortening, dynamic exaggeration and so forth. It will take me a year or two to learn how to be consistence in pulling those off nicely all the time and able to do full long length video tutorial in depth. Though most of my free vids are my personal study or anatomy related. There are some dynamic posts I study a while back or try. here
and possibly a few more. I will probably get some more along the way soon.

Anonymous said…
Hey! I was wondering what your brush settings were when making this? Did you set opacity, flow, or dynamics to pen pressure when colouring? do you change your percentage each time? thanks :)
idrawgirls said…
Ano> Look around the blog...I think I post the answer to that question many many times.
Tips: begin 30% then middle 70% then final 100% I use mostly default round soft and hard brush, nothing fancy here.
Focus on the values (lighting).
Renerif said…
I really love your work! They are amazing :D. By the way, do you happen to go to Digipen for Life drawing sessions? Anyways hope to see more of your work soon, keep it up man!
idrawgirls said…
Renerif> thanks :) No, I don't really venture out of Seattle except work, they are too far. I do go to Art Not Terminal and Cage Academy for life drawing. ;)
GridiroN said…
Hey man,

You're stuff is awesome. I do a lot of character design ( and Im trying to take my art to the next level with colours etc. and just picked up the same tablet as you coincidentally, and was wondering if you had the time to answer a few questions.

I was wondering if you could explain how you manage to blend your colours so well. My practices always turn out having that fakish 5yr-old-with-a-crayon look.

Also, do you just edit layer switching out of your videos? How is it possible that you can do your work on 1 layer without bleeding.
idrawgirls said…
Caolan> I have no idea Bleeding can happen in digital painting or I might not understand what you really mean.
As for Blending, you probably mean establishing soft edge or lost edge... I don't usually blend I use soft brush and hard brush, they are sufficient enough for me. Blending does do good job with certain custom brushes, I don't really like the blending on default brushes (round)
As for why your painting looks like crayon stuff....probably because you are using too many colors and not focusing on values. If you look at movie screenshots or good photography...there aren't that many colors in the shot or I should say you have to harmonize your colors and figure out how to tight them together using values and balance between cool and warm. But before that, I suggest work in monochrome for a while then add one color at the time.
Read the stuff on the right side column about the things I mention so you will understand.
as for the tip go read

Unknown said…
Solid, what a sketch. I learn lot of things from your sketches.

idrawgirls said…
keshab> Thanks for stopping by, glad you learn something. See you soon. ;)
Vijil said…
Just discovered your site, I've been working as a concept artist for a few months now but I've been feeling as though I haven't been improving much. Kinda got stuck in a rut. Your video tutorials are some of the best made around, cheers. Very inspiring.
idrawgirls said…
vijil> Thank you for the kind compliment. Glad we can be of service and source of inspiration. Cheers!