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Digital painting superhero step by step Captain America

Digital painting superhero step by step Captain America. Continuing drawing and painting of Marvel superhero Captain America from the previous posted, Superhero art tutorial Captain America. I just update the sketch and fresh it out a little more. Well, this one suppose to be a quick couple hours but I got carried away and now I am trying to make the best out of the initial painting. Hopefully it will turn out how I want it to look in the final illustration. At this point of painting, I should leave the figure pretty as is unless there are some drastic change in the overall image. I painted the his facial feature to be a little more expressive, then his gloves/ hands then the shield. Honestly the shield is the tricky one, take me quite sometime to get the perspective to look right. The background will take me sometime to try to finish and make it look, well, good. So hopefully the next post I could finish this one up and look presentable. :)

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Here is the illustration so far "Captain America"

Here are the step by step continue painting comics Captain America:
Go see part 1 of the tutorial here:
1) Superhero art tutorial Captain America

digital art tutorial superhero

Closed up of the figure
drawing comics tutorial
Here is what I have so far
art comics lesson online
To be continued

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Octavian Bene said…
I`m too old for this kind of superhero. :) Very nice and dramatic mood, Xia. :)
Niao said…
Hi Xia. Looks great, i like the way that its dark but visible at the same time: Great lighting!
Im 14 and im already following the path to be a concept artist and you have helped me alot lately.
do you know some good and effective to way to pass trough an artblock? cause im having a massive one ._.
idrawgirls said…
Octavian> Thanks man, NO one can ever be too old for superheros or heroins ;)

Niao> Well, that's easy...find some objects or photo ref or any inspiring image then study it. Just draw, paint, copy, steal, study to kill time while in a rut... then eventually something will come eventually. :)