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Digital painting video tutorial Creature concept design

Draw and paint chimera.  Digital painting video tutorial Creature concept design. Here is the final painting of the creature Chimera (well, it is 95% there I just thought I would touch up some of the stuff a little bit more.) Continue from the previous post, Draw and Paint mythology creature Chimera. Also if you can to watch the video of how to draw a lion prior to the painting video tutorial I have on this post just plain old drawing and sketching.

Anyway, I would probably do more of the creatures in the up coming post...and possibly mecha. Depending on what I see and what inspire me at the moment. But for sure I will always draw, paint and keep updating this blog, hopefully forever. And hopefully I will get better as I do more and more. That usually how it works, the more you draw or paint and study, the better you get. Sometimes slow, but sometimes you have a break through...but as long as you do it and it makes you happy then nothing else really matters.

So this one I finish up the rendering of the creature, add the serpent tail, then the figure that later on becomes the Monkey king for no particular reason. The figure is there for the sole reason of exaggerating the massive scale and size of the Chimera monster. Then I thought it would be kind of fun to put Sun Wukong there just because it does not make sense that the Greek Mythology would mix up with Eastern Mythical figures. Below are the step by step and the final rendition of the painting.
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Here are step by step painting Chimera creature:
As for the previous step goto 1)
Draw and Paint mythology creature Chimera.

concept art creature tutorial

concept art creature tutorial
Download Bigger image: Chimera

Video tutorial How to draw and paint Creature concept Chimera

Enjoy the tutorial, so long.

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Luca said…
Great work Xia, love that tail! I really like the underlighting on the horns. Keep rockin!
Luca said…
Nice demo in the video brother. I really enjoyed it.

I was asking what is the favorite video of yours for the community and your followers! It would be nice to know which one your followers like most...
To me, I really like the Titan painting you did quite a while back:

(ps- just a small reminder, is there a possibility to get Jason Juan doing a demo for us?)

Drimakus said…
Wow! Great job! I can even feel how HUGE and powerful thats creature is!

ps: I hope Sun Wukong didnt suffer :D
Kit said…
I love this one! Thanks!
Octavian Bene said…
Marvelous cultural similarity between your Chimera and Goya`s Saturn eating his child. Very nice, Xia, :)
mohit said…
this one is awesome. things that i dont get to learn in my art school. i learn it here.thanks! xia for your support. u r doing awesome work.keep it up.
manit said…
awesome work xia as always.keep it up.i am also doing lots of life drawing and other stuff,so that i can reach ur skills level. continue to inspire us.
god bless.
ericcastelli said…
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Eric Castelli
Anonymous said…
You are AWESOME. I love your work, this blog is the best on the whole net. Keep this great work!
Thanks for your teachings!!!
idrawgirls said…
Sorry for the late reply guys, been really busy with many stuff and all...I should be able to update more frequent soon. :)

Luca> Thanks bro, yeah that one is one of my good one, though I did it with pencil before I bring it in to PS. As for other artist, as I said, I asked everyone before but it is up to them to do it or not. You will have to ask them yourself, I don't keep asking people more than I need to. :)

Drimakus> Thanks, LOL. Wukong can't never get suffer.

Kit> thanks

Octavian> Thanks brother, that pic looks really creepy.

mohit> Ha ha, I sure hope you learn a thing or two from our site. :)

manit> thanks, keep up the life drawing, you will be good in no time. :)

ericcastelli> why does your name sound familiar? Yeah, thanks for the heads up, will check it out.

Ano> Thanks man, will keep it up with more and better stuff.