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How to draw lion

How to draw a lion.  Drawing a lion head study. It's been a while since I've draw or sketch any creature so I decided to sketch something basic. Practice drawing animals is always a good way to explore different forms of creatures, etc. I've learn from many artists who are really good at creatures design, they draw and sketch a lot of animals of all kind. And to design a good convincing monster or creature, you will need to study animals forms or anatomies. For it's postures, movement, expression...anything from animal kingdom that nature gives us.
So as basic as these sketch may be, my point is that you and me need to draw and study more animals if you want to draw and paint a great looking creatures. Same thing as environmental design, you will need a lot of landscape painting or cinematic screenshots study from films.
Here are a couple lion's head sketches. It took me about 15-20 mins each, just a quick line drawn study, nothing more. I just want to get familiar with the form and I wish I would have more time to do study like this everyday and just paint, paint, paint.
Anyway, there are some creatures video tutorials on the site I did a while back mainly dragons, you can also check those out from thumbnails on top of this post.

Drawing of a lion, basic sketch study.

Here are step by step, how to draw a lion:
How to draw lion's head
Final sketch:
How to draw lion
Here is a basic video tutorial: How to draw lion

Here is another study of Lion roar step by step drawing:
How to draw lion roar
Final sketch lion roars
drawing lion
Video tutorial drawing a lion's head

Basic stuff today, enjoy. ;)

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  • Comments

    Anonymous said…
    It's good to draw animals too.
    Anonymous said…
    Really good! I look forward to trying this later :) I hope I don't get problems with the eyes. Damn I hate eyes they are a big problem ^^
    idrawgirls said…
    Ano> Thanks guys. Eyes are somewhat difficult, but sometimes if you pay less attention to the content of the eyes but just the draw as they are just part of the whole with accuracy and precision, it might turn out nice!
    Shane Norris said…
    Thanks for the tip. :) I'm practiced with eyes for a whole night and finally got it right. I posted it on Deviantart I think I'm getting there. If your curious what my account is its It's in my scraps, I've also done a horse there :)

    Keep up the great drawing its awesome!
    idrawgirls said…
    Shane Norris> Thanks man, keep up the good work. Will do more. :)