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Values tonal study female figure quick speedpaint

Values tonal study female figure quick speedpainting. As I often mention the important of values or tonal, color vs values artist tips, now I am re educating myself on the subject and currently I am also focusing on utilizing my brush strokes on the painting.

Create a simple study, a rough painting that is used to work out the main values, which are shades of light and dark. The study should use neutral grays, which are cool and warm gray paints that are mixed together to create a neutral color temperature. You can work out the values for any painting with a simple value study that ’s no larger than a postage stamp. Once you work out the values study and get comfortable with them. They can be really useful and give you advantage when doing thumbnail sketches to find new idea and created an interesting, dynamic composition. You know exactly what you want to paint. Here is a very effective way to shade:
values study exercises and how to shade.

In this one, there isn't much of anything complex except a simple female figure study using tonals or values. Like I mentioned before I am revisiting my process and see how I can progress further. :)

Female figure tonal study

Here are step by step tonal values study
tonal values study painting instruction

Here is a final tonal study sketch.
tonal values study painting instruction

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Luca said…
Reminds me of Jason Juan's work. Very cool brushwork Xia.
idrawgirls said…
LOL, thanks, I wish I could paint like he does... ;)