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How to design character with steel armor

How to design character with steel armor Hi guys, it's been a week of absent on the blog. But here is a new post of an armor design I've been working on last night. The armor concept art is still in process, hopefully I can get it done sometimes this week. The idea of the armor is influenced by the year of the rabbit. I was initially thinking about painting a rabbit Mage, but it didn't turn out well (Maybe I will take another stab at the concept character Mage sometime in the future.)
The second attempt of the rabbit idea was having a huge warrior in rabbit armor gear, I thought it would be cool. Because of such contrast in the face that huge intimidating warrior is wearing a rabbit armor design (You can see the sketch below.) Then finally, I decided to go with a warrior girl in the bulgy armor suit with rabbit design instead. As you will see a character design painting step by step progression below.

First, I begin the rough drawing with just gesture drawing of a female form. As I always say, it is always good to practice life drawing. Then I just sketch over the form with detail of the outfit and armor design. The detail does not have to be tight because we are not aiming for a finish line work. We will paint over everything, so the sketching line will just serve as a guideline for us to paint over. Enjoy the step by step process.

Here is the warrior paladin girl

Here is the idea I started with but did not fell through.
warrior scribble design

Here is a step by step from sketch to basic block in painting.
how to design character

Here is the design I have so far, still work in progress.
how to concept character

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Elijah and Ben said…
wow, amazing painting! I have just started painting digitally, Check it out at Again amazing paintings!
RSA-LEGEND-9 said…
Wow!! This is definitely one of my favorite armor designs. :)
Knuckles930 said…
Awesome, but not much bunny left though.
saprissa9 said…
very nice armor. can you please make a tutorial on how to draw weapons. and perhaps can you sell a tutorial about how to draw car in all different views, front, side 3/4 and back view. i also need to learn how to place textures on characters, environments, guns and other man made stuff. you can also sell a tutorial based on texturing.
idrawgirls said…
@Elija Thanks brother! I'm trying to finish it up today will be ready to post the final in a day or two. ;-)

@RSA Good to see you here, thanks brother! ;-) Almost done, coming up soon.

@Knuckles Bro, in the end, there will always be BUNNIES. ;-)

@Saprissa Good idea, I am not really a car expert so I don't know. But scifi spaceships, fighters, or future flying car possibly. ;-)
Well, honestly, I don't want to go beyond my expertise in making tutorials. I made figures and portraits and character because that is what I've been doing since 2001 professionally.
Textures placement will be on this one. I don't use a lot of them, just texture brushes. I could do a Youtube short tutorial on that subject, it's easy.
Guns and weapons would be great idea for tutorials, that I can do!!! ;-)

thank guys
saprissa9 said…
@Idrawgirls yeah, any kind of tutorial that is about textures will be good enough. The car design part I totally understand your point. Ill figure it out. And yes, please work on that weapon tutorial. You can do rifles and melee weapons its really up to you. Im just saying, I know you are a busy person. Thank you :)