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Digital painting tutorial Character design Dark Mage

Digital painting tutorial Character design Dark Mage. Here is another character design I just got done last week. I post it along with the previous post. But then I realize the post was way too long so I split them. Now she has her own home instead of rooming with those Terminators and Skynet.

This character is conceptualize around the idea of the dark side magic user or Mage.  The first time I heard about a Mage was probably way back when I was still play Final Fantasy on Playstation.  Final Fantasy 7 is probably my most favorite.
The Black Mage is the offensive magic caster. While the Black Mage has weak physical combat skills and has lower strength out of any character class, she is capable of inflicting negative status effects and causing great damage to the enemy with his Black Magic.

In this piece, I use a lot of custom brushes and hardly use any default Photoshop brushes.  Though the principle remains the same, focus on the correct shape or form and value (light and dark).  One great advantage that most custom brushes has over the default round in Photoshop or Gimp is the way they can create edges.  Most custom brushes has texture which makes it easier for us to paint cooler looking edges.

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Here is  Dark Mage character design

Also step by step digital painting process below
Below is what I listen to  while I was painting this, and one of them FREE download from Amazon. Click fast forward for the next song. 

learn to character design

character design tutorial

fantasy art tutorial

Here is a final version:
fantasy art tutorial
Here is a bigger image download: Fantasy Art Dark Mage 

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Danilo Ferreira said…
Great tutorial, i'm wathing it for the second time already. I still have troubles with the very first steps where you define basic form, shape and value. Later on what bothers me is that i can't define well anatomy, but for that i'm studying some anatomy books... hope to get better soon ;)

Luca said…
Hey Xia, hope all is well dude! I'm seeing a lot of new changes to your blog, and its looking cool... especially the bottom share bar you've done.

The concept turned out great and I really enjoyed the process! ;)

Cheers bro, and thanks for the great things you're always posting.
cordova52 said…
thanks for the tutorials
idrawgirls said…
@Dan Patience Dan, lots of life drawing...keep your value simple...simplify anatomy. Things that matter to most, IMO, is shape, value and comp in conceptual like this one.
@Luca Yeah, I love the bottom bar. Found it on some techblog, very useful to users.
@cordova52 Thank you mucho, thanks for stopping by. ;-)