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Digital painting characters design tutorial, Tartar warriors.

How to draw Tatar warriors. I got inspired reading a book about the Mongols' history and learn so much from it. So I thought I should do some Tartar warriors inspired concept art. So here they are, but they might not be historically accurate. I just use the base knowledge of how they look, dress, and fight. Then I just add some fun additional design to it so that it become romanticize like fictional figures.

In this tutorial, I am just basically sketching without any prior thumbnails or plan. I just grab the tablet, make canvas and go with it. It is just like when you doodle in any regular sketchbook. As you can see, when I first sketch the first portrait, it is very stiff and lack of personality or life. It is because it is a warm up phrase, happen to most people who have not drawn or painted in a little while. Then the second, it gets a little better because I was already warm up a little bit. And eventually, I came into myself when I start drawing the third figure. No matter how experience you are, warm up is still very important IMO. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the video tutorial and the process.

About the Tartars history, the original Tatars inhabited the north-eastern Gobi in the 5th century and, after subjugation in the 9th century by the Khitans, migrated southward. In the 13th century, they were subjugated by the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan. Under the leadership of his grandson Batu Khan, they moved westwards, driving with them many stems of the Turkic Ural-Altayans towards the plains of Russia.
In Europe, they were assimilated by the local populations or their name spread to the conquered peoples: Kipchaks, Kimaks and others; and elsewhere with Uralic-speaking peoples, as well as with remnants of the ancient Greek colonies in the Crimea and Caucasians in the Caucasus.
Siberian Tatars are survivors of the Turkic population of the Ural-Altaic region, mixed to some extent with the speakers of Uralic languages, as well as with Mongols. Later, each group adopted Turkic languages and many adopted Islam. The three ethnic descendants of the original 13th-century westward migration are Volga Tatars, Lipka Tatars and Crimean Tatars.
Tatars comprise a spectrum of physical appearance, ranging from Mongoloid and Caucasoid or a mixture of both and some (but not all) have an Asian origin.

Very interesting fact indeed, I was amazed how complex people's ethic origin are.
Basically a lot of us are brothers and sisters, but people all over the world are still fighting for many stupid reason. More people should read and art. ;-)

Here is a final sketch of Tartar Warriors:

Below is a digital painting video tutorial of the Tartar warriors.

Below are step by step images how to paint Tartar Warriors.
digital painting tutorial character design

digital painting tutorial nomad warriors

digital painting tutorial character design

Here is a final sketch of Tartar warriors.
tartar warriors character design
Download bigger image here, Tartars warriors.

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