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Painting Chinese woman portrait

Painting Chinese woman portrait study.  Here is another step by step how to draw Asian face images and all the way up to finished portrait painting.
This one I spend a little more time to paint and get more detail than the previous one, painting Asian woman portrait study.  But still I personally never really like the super refine finished look of illustration.  I like to leave loose brush stroke to make it more unfinished.  It is just a personal taste or maybe laziness.  After I look at the final result and all the images, I actually like step 4 the best of all.  It is my favorite one, really really loose.  Maybe because I often get bore with the existing work real fast and move on to other piece.  Well, I think I am on a streak of doing Asian portrait at the moment, they turn out almost as I expected.
I was trying to do some scene painting yesterday, spend four to five hours on it.  But it didn't turn out and it doesn't look good.  Yes, it happens to me once in a while.  The more I paint the less it happens.  But if I slack off for more than a month or two, it will happens a lot more I think.  Anyway, at the end of the day yesterday, I got really mad because I felt like I lost the whole day (well, half).  So this morning I got up and felt like I have to finish at least one good painting so I paint another Asian lady portrait study.  Maybe I will will build some concept art on top if this painting, I don't know.  ;-)

Below are short step by step of my painting process:
how to draw asian face

The first image here is probably my favorite piece of all the images.
how to paint asian portrait

Here is the final image.  Personally I think I went a little to far.  It is a little too finished for my personal taste.
painting asian woman portrait
Click here to download bigger image: Painting Asian woman portrait.

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