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How to paint Asian woman face portrait study

How to paint Asian woman face portrait study.  Painting Asian woman portrait study. I just get this quick portrait study done this morning. First I thought I was going to do a quick 30 minutes warm up painting study, but then I got carried away. So I ended up spending a few hours on her. I mainly use just one brush (chalk brush from PS5). Then toward the end I want it to look more sketch and oil painting like so I spend a little more time playing around with custom brushes to get the edges I want.

This digital painting is a study of an Asian (Chinese) woman portrait. A lot of you asked me why I don't paint that many Asian or African or Arabian portrait. Well, it is because we hardly have any model in life session who are Asian. I mostly paint from life and since I live in North West of USA, most of the models we have are of the European descents. It is also a lot easier for me to paint them because I paint a lot of them. As for Asian portrait, it is a bit difficult for me since I have not done a lot. And I have to find a good reference to practice it with. They are basically the same but some of the lighting that effect features are different. I notice that I had to paint a lot lighter and less contrast when I paint this one. The lighting are still basically hit on the same feature, except they are less contrast because the eyes' sockets are shallower and cute little nose does not cast that much shadow.  Also a lot has to do with little changes in shapes of feature (nose, eyes, eyebrows location, etc.), and most of them are very settle changes.

Anyway here is a portrait of an Asian lady.
how to paint asian face

Here is a painting timelapse demo

Download Full version with narration here: 

Below are step by step process of painting Asian woman portrait.
how to draw asian girl

how to paint asian girl

Here is the final portrait painting.
painting beautiful asian woman portrait

Click here to download bigger image Portrait painting study Asian woman.

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