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Cool animated optical illusion

Wow, I just saw this video from this guy, Brusspup on Youtube.  It's the same guy that made the video about illusion of value, light and shadow create illusion of value.  His videos are really impressive.  Now he made another video about Animated Optical Illusion. Static images on aa piece of paper and ipad (on second video) are brought to life by passing a transparent sheet with black lines over the screen.  I always love these when I was a kid and until now, I still love it.  It always amazed me how our brain works and visually we are being fool by simple things.
I also wonder why is it that way.  And most of all who or how do we come up with such optical illusion tricks.
Watch the video, it is very awesome.
Oh and by the way, he print his piece of paper from Photoshop.  If anyone know how to make this kind of trick, let me know.

No tutorial today, but in the mean time.

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