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Mass Effect 2 Concept Artist interview, Matt Rhodes

Mass Effect 2 lead Concept Artist interview, Matt Rhodes.  BioWare, Mass Effect 2, lead concept artist Matt Rhodes unveils his process of concept art for the game and tons of sketches created during the development of the game.  Watch the process of  how the original Mass Effect evolves into Mass Effect 2 and very informative artistic process from idea to paper then eventually translated into a living 3D universe. From characters, aliens, props, environment, equipment, the inner workings of the creative process for the epic sci-fi masterpiece and how critical the role of concept art actually is in video game development.  This will be very educational for you guys.

Mass Effect concept art

Concept artist is basically one or a group of people generates a visual design for an item, character, or environment, scene base on original idea from the story or design.  Most of the time these things don't exist.  But most concept art bases on adaptation of existing world.  This includes, but is not limited to, film production, animation production and more recently video game production.
A concept artist may be required for nothing more than preliminary visual concept artwork, or may be required to be part of a creative team until a project reaches fruition. Concept artist must have a great skill and understanding of realistic art, stylize art depending on the setting.  Also a concept artist have to work with strict deadlines in order to meet the milestone of the production schedule.
Lead concept artist is basically the leader of the concept art team who will give you art direction and make sure the overall concept design goes well together.

**Some concept artists may start as fine artists, industrial designers, animators, or even special effects artists. Interpretation of ideas and how they are realized is where the concept artist's individual creativity is most evident, as subject matter is often beyond their control.

Below are the interview of lead concept artist from Mass Effect 2.

If you notice in the video, Matt Rhodes use Wacom Cintiq Large and Photoshop CS5.  It is very common nowadays among concept artist in the video game studio.  But as for the 3D software they use I am not sure, but most likely will be Z-brush, Maya and in house custom programs all together.

You can get the Concept art book below
The Art of Mass Effect, concept art book

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