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Paint simple background with your character design

How to paint simple background with your character design.  In step by step how to create a background for your character tutorial, I will show you how to paint and create a very basic simple background along with your character without having to spend much time on the painting.  Backdrop of the scene often very important when you are designing a character.  It can express to the viewers where is the location, what is happening, and when is this event occurs.  Little hint of background can add so much more into your concept art.  It can even enhance the emotional impact of the character and evoke feeling from the audiences.
So if it is just a piece of concept art, you can just convey the backdrop by using simple value and palette that is already in the scene.  In figure 1, if you look that the area with red circle A, you will see soft blue cloud.  From that area, you can use your color picker to pick two different value (tone) to establish the harder edge and create form.  In this case, I am trying to paint a further away mountain range in blue hue.  As you see in figure 2, I already paint harder edge to establish the mountain range and the sky.  Hint, lighter value being the sky and darker value supposedly, mountain range.  It is just simple few strokes of paint but you can already see what it is going to be.  Now I will just leave it as big simple shape of big mountain peak without detail and move on to figure 3.  In figure 3, I am trying to paint mid-ground or background that is closer than the previous mountain peak.  In the red circle B, you will see brown dirt tone again the area has soft or lost edge.  Same process as I did previously, I create a harder edge and trying to make some form of lower hills shape with dark brown dirt tone.  After you paint simple bigger shape to establish the object you want to convey in your background.  You can now go in for more detail, be careful not to over do it.  The result should be those mountain range you can see in the last image in the bottom

Tip on painting background detail:
1) Use only the value and color that is already in the area.  Even if the range of value is limited, but little value can goes a long way.  If not necessary, do not introduce any darker or lighter value in the indicated area.  Though lighter value is more forgiven because it conveys the object is far away
2) Do not put too much detail on it, just paint enough to make readable.
3) Darker value will bring the object closer to viewer, lighter value will push it further away.
4) Harder edge will bring the object closer, softer edge will push it further away.

paint simple background tutorial

simple background tutorial

Hope this painting tips are helpful.  As for what I did on the right side of the background is very similar process, just look a little more random and more alien like landscape.

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