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Re design character from the old version

Re design character from the old version.  As you see it before on my previous post on a tutorial, how to paint feathers.  This one is a character design that I re-design from the old version I quickly designed on May 2007.  And surprisingly it is one of the images on my very first post on this blog.  You can see the first blog post of here drawing and sketch collection from May to June 2007.  But I think I actually did the raven girl character in 2005.  That was way more than four years ago.
My first intention when I start this website was to just doodle and possibly start a graphic novel online.  But it turned out to be a huge collection of "How to draw", "How to paint" and "art tutorial".  I had no idea that how it would turned out when I started my first post.
Then when people start asking me how do I do a particular image, I then start to do little step by step how to.  Then more visitors are asking me how to draw and paint more things.  Eventually, I start making small video one after another.  I think back than it has maximum length of five to seven minutes.  Who would know that or idrawgirls.blogspot would turn out the way it is?  Now we have way over 200 tutorials and more than 700 blog post about art tutorials and technique.  Thank you guys.
I just spend a good four hours to paint over the old version.  Quite a bit of re work on the figure itself, then clean up the color and value.  Add and re-design part of the costume.  But for the most part a lot of element remain the same.  It is a lot more refreshing and now I feel a lot less shameful because I made the bad one looks better now.  I just wish I have more time at the moment to fancy it up more, but now I am fixing the back end of the website.  I just want to paint, not code.  blah.

Click below to see the older version of the character
how to paint feathers.

This is the latest redesign version of the Raven mage character design.
character design mage raven

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