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How to draw Stormtrooper Starwars

How to draw and paint Stormtrooper from Starwars.  This is a simple drawing and digital painting tutorial of a famous Stormtrooper from Starwars.  In this tutorial I am after the original design of the character and helmet in 1977 Starwars film.  I love the retro look of the design.  I might do a quick painting tutorial of other recent design of Stormtrooper also since many of them are very cool looking.  Here I will show you step by step from the rough sketch to almost finish painting or what I called speed painting study.  I also include a video in the tutorial so you can watch how I start from drawing to a finished quick painting.  This one takes me about a little over half an hour to paint with no reference, except the helm design.  It's just a really quick one before I have to go and do the back end of the website again.  ;-)
The Imperial Stormtroopers AKA Stormtroopers are fictional soldiers from George Lucas' Star Wars universe. Stormtroopers are the soldiers of the imperial army under the leadership of the evil Sith Lord and Emperor Palpatine and his commanders, most notably Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin.

stormtrooper speed painting
Stormtrooper speed painting or quick color sketch

Watch how to draw and paint Stormtrooper video instruction

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So first I just draw a very loose shape of what looks like a Stormtrooper.  When you draw, don't be intimidate by all the overwhelming detail otherwise you won't start.  The secret is to look at the subject then simplify it.  You have to be able to see them in simple geometry shapes, then you will find out how easy it is to draw everything.  When you look at the helmet go for the big prominent shape first like what you see on the first step below.  After that, I will fill mid tone value into the shape, still very loose.  Also I will look for what jumps out, in this case the color black that contrast and really identify the shapes.  In step three, I add some color after the monochrome set up from the first two steps.
how to draw stormtrooper

Then from here on, I just try to get the rendering and make the painting looks more three dimensional.  You have to also define edges and play with cool and warm.  In step six, I decide to change the color scheme to make it more red rather than sepia.  When I have more red hue in the scene, it is a lot easier to paint under lighting.  Done!
how to paint stormtrooper

Here is the final speed painting of Stormtrooper.
stormtrooper speed painting
This one I painted it really quick.  This tutorial is rather simple way to paint.  If you want to see more tutorials that have more detail, there are more digital painting tutorial recommended below.

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