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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Captain America

Captain America, here is the final version of the Marvel awesome superhero, Captain America. Basically, in this final painting step, I paint and clean up mostly on the background and some additional gasmask goons. As for our hero figure itself, I just did a bit of values tweaking, but mostly trying to maintain what I already painted. The background art, I was trying to keep it as simple as possible. Shapes and values are probably the most important elements in order to keep it in the back and demonstrated some sort of dept in the quick illustration as shown. Same goes to the additional characters in the back, simple shapes and a few values as possible.

Here is the final version of Captain America:

Here are step by step of the painting above.
Previous steps below:
1) Superhero art tutorial Captain America
2) Digital painting Superhero step by step

How to draw Marvel way
And Final
Captain America drawing

here is a bigger version: Captain America
Video tutorial Digital painting Captain America

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Monday, August 16, 2010

How to draw lion

How to draw a lion.  Drawing a lion head study. It's been a while since I've draw or sketch any creature so I decided to sketch something basic. Practice drawing animals is always a good way to explore different forms of creatures, etc. I've learn from many artists who are really good at creatures design, they draw and sketch a lot of animals of all kind. And to design a good convincing monster or creature, you will need to study animals forms or anatomies. For it's postures, movement, expression...anything from animal kingdom that nature gives us.
So as basic as these sketch may be, my point is that you and me need to draw and study more animals if you want to draw and paint a great looking creatures. Same thing as environmental design, you will need a lot of landscape painting or cinematic screenshots study from films.
Here are a couple lion's head sketches. It took me about 15-20 mins each, just a quick line drawn study, nothing more. I just want to get familiar with the form and I wish I would have more time to do study like this everyday and just paint, paint, paint.
Anyway, there are some creatures video tutorials on the site I did a while back mainly dragons, you can also check those out from thumbnails on top of this post.

Drawing of a lion, basic sketch study.

Here are step by step, how to draw a lion:
How to draw lion's head
Final sketch:
How to draw lion
Here is a basic video tutorial: How to draw lion

Here is another study of Lion roar step by step drawing:
How to draw lion roar
Final sketch lion roars
drawing lion
Video tutorial drawing a lion's head

Basic stuff today, enjoy. ;)

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  • Thursday, August 12, 2010

    10 ways to overcome artist's block, get back creativity!

    10 ways to overcome artist's block and get your mind back to creative spot. It’s very common, but devastating moment for an artist to feel they’ve lost their inspiration, to encounter a creative block. But suffering from artist’s block doesn’t mean you’ve lost your imagination or ability to execute cool stuff. Good news is, over years of working in professional concept art environment I found that there are many ways that you can beat it permanently. :)

    There are 10 simple ways that I usually do to beat artist's block and kill the beast once and for all.
    1) If you cannot think of what to draw or paint, try study or copy from master artists. This is a good opportunity for you to challenge yourself and you will discover new things along the way copying the work of artists you like and admire such as John Singer Sargent, Frank Frezetta, or any great artists. There is no shame, all the great artist study or copy the master artists before them, it's true! :)

    2) Life drawing session, just go draw from live models or go outside and do some landscape sketch, composition, study trees, leaves, building, people. Just draw!
    This one is easy. But I often choose life drawing session because there are people there and it motivate you to draw faster and more. (thanks Luca for reminding me) :)

    3) Change mediums. If you draw with tablet, start random doodling with pencil in the sketchbook. If you use pencil, try markers, charcoals, brushes, ect. Explore with new materials and use new tools. You can just doodle random shapes to get your frustration out, it doesn't need to make sense. Though you might find some cool shapes randomly that will give you idea to develop further.

    4) Go for a run! That what usually works for me, get sweat and you will be rejuvenate. Believe it or not, your brain will function so fresh after a good long (at least 20 minute) sweat. If you don't run, get into the habit! It's good for your health and cheap. Or you can punch the bag or any exercise you might prefer...as long as you get sweat you will get the same result. Slow walk does not count!

    5) Find new inspiration pieces, I do this a lot. Internet is a HUGE collection of information. I usually visit darkroastedblend.com, englishrussia.com, or cghub and look for something cool. Or to avoid the computer, go visit to a local gallery or museum often helps. Or go through art books and magazines. Take the pressure off of yourself and just enjoy other artists' work.

    6) Take a new direction with your approach. If you usually start using lines, try start using shapes. If your approach is realism, try cubism. If you start with monochrome, try using color right away. Anything that get you away from your habit or comfort zone.

    7) Studying anatomy, just draw random part of the body as studying, something you don't usually pay attention to. Make it a mission of studying just hands for a few days or feet or hair, ect. It's always good to do some review and study.

    8) Read cool stuff that will stimulate your visual cortex. I usually go read Greek mythology, Hindu's god, goddess and deities, Chinese mythology and ancient tales like "Journey to the West" or any contemporary science-fiction like Cthulhu, Dune, any zombie story. Then make your own vision of whatever that might be creatures, demons, etc. Watch some visually kickass movies also works.

    9) Re-design old cartoons, comics, Manga, or Anime, movies you like. Look at them again, read, browse, then recreate them as your own vision. It's all for the good fun and it can be long and challenging. Kinda similar to #7

    10) Sleep, maybe you should get a good sleep possibly. You might be working too hard and your brain don't function anymore. So give it a break. :)

    If these 10 tips do not help, it is possibly that you are burnt out. so...you could do #11

    11) There are times that the pros called it, "burn out"! If that is the case, it's not your creativity. It's your fire that is slowly going out of flame. It's time to take a break from art totally for at least 3-7 days. Go do something else. If art is your profession, you will have to find a hobby, for real. If not, then it's easier for you. If you are an art student, well this one doesn't apply to you because you have not earn this batch yet. Don't even draw, browse art forum or do anything that relate to what you do everyday art wise. You will come back with all the new idea and possibly OVERLOADED that you cannot wait to get it out of your head.

    Hope this information are helpful :)
    Art is coming soon. Cheers!!!

    PS: if you have any tips that you do to help get a rid of artist's block, feel free to share on the comment. Thank you guys.

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    Tuesday, August 10, 2010

    Female figure study recline step by step

    Painting reclining female figureFemale figure study recline step by step.
    Here is the final painting, the whole painting took me about a good few hours. In this color sketch, what I want to try out is making brush strokes more visible and rougher than most of my usual digital painting, kind of like the previous
    Tutorial portrait painting digital which I did a couple weeks back. It turns out close to what I expected. Recently I feel like I want to explore more on brushes and its texture strokes since I've not been using it as much because I wanted to demonstrate in most of my video that default brushes round hard and soft edge can get the job done as good, as long as you understand the foundation of values in general. Many people ask me about custom brushes, what do I use...how can they download it and so on. I just want to point out here that fancy texture brushes will not do you any good if you cannot pull off a decent painting with regular brush in the first place. Yes, there are some trick and such, but you cannot rely on them forever to make you piece shine. What I want most artist to understand is that basic foundation is pretty everything. Go read Three important rules for painting, if one can only master these three (shapes, value, and edges), one can really make his/her own work shine. There are other elements involve, but these three are at the core of your painting or sketch or illustration. Anyway, here is a final nude female figure color study.
    Also check out the following painting tutorials, they are new and update of the late 2010 tutorial on female figures.  Most of these are painting step by step tutorials, some include video tutorials.  First for figure study, you can go take a look at female model sheet or female figure study woman body proportion sheet.  Then there is a speedpainting figure study back which I pretty much focus on looseness control and brush strokes.  Also if you like comics style pin up painting, check out Emma Frost X-men first class and 2011 is year of the rabbit.  Both are not really focus on brush work, rather smooth rendering of the skin itself.  And Black Rock Shooter color sketch work is a really stylize that is similar to that of Anime or stylize Manga, but not typical.

    Here are step by step
    to see the previous steps go to: Nude female figure recline quick color.

    learn digital painting online
    Here is a final image
    how to draw woman body

    Here for the HUGE image: Figure study nude step by step

    More full length video tutorials

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    Face  Constructed:        How to draw faces
    Face        Constructed: How to paint portraits
    -Draw and Paint Women Body Tutorial I: Female Manga Fusion I
    -Draw and Paint Women Body Tutorial II: Female Manga Fusion II

    Monday, August 9, 2010

    Digital painting superhero step by step Captain America

    Digital painting superhero step by step Captain America. Continuing drawing and painting of Marvel superhero Captain America from the previous posted, Superhero art tutorial Captain America. I just update the sketch and fresh it out a little more. Well, this one suppose to be a quick couple hours but I got carried away and now I am trying to make the best out of the initial painting. Hopefully it will turn out how I want it to look in the final illustration. At this point of painting, I should leave the figure pretty as is unless there are some drastic change in the overall image. I painted the his facial feature to be a little more expressive, then his gloves/ hands then the shield. Honestly the shield is the tricky one, take me quite sometime to get the perspective to look right. The background will take me sometime to try to finish and make it look, well, good. So hopefully the next post I could finish this one up and look presentable. :)

    Here are some more face drawing video lesson or portrait video tutorials go watch Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. Also basic instruction for step by step drawing "Drawing humans head female face how to" and step by step still images goto digital painting and drawing learn to draw and How to draw face and head shading. And if you are looking for body, muscles and human anatomy for artist go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy each comes with both video and step by step images along the side and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video. Have fun watching. Well, hope these short video tutorials and tips are helpful.

    Here is the illustration so far "Captain America"

    Here are the step by step continue painting comics Captain America:
    Go see part 1 of the tutorial here:
    1) Superhero art tutorial Captain America

    digital art tutorial superhero

    Closed up of the figure
    drawing comics tutorial
    Here is what I have so far
    art comics lesson online
    To be continued

    More full length video tutorials

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    Tuesday, August 3, 2010

    Superhero art tutorial Captain America

    How to paint Captain of America.  Superhero art tutorial Captain America. I decided to draw and paint another one of the Marvel super hero in the same style as Thor I painted earlier a couple weeks ago. Now I am focusing on the consistency of the art style and direction because most of the time my painting direction is all over the place depending on whatever inspire me at the moment. It can be good when you study and observe, but not so good as a presentation to show the consistency of your work. I am hoping to do more of superhero art tutorials in the coming weeks.
    Anyway, I am really excited to see, other than Thor the movie, what they will do with Captain America in the "Captain America The First Avenger" the movie which of course will feature the Captain. Then there will be "The Avengers", hopefully, and the team will include Captain America, Ironman, Thor, and the Hulk as far as I know. Hopefully, it will turn out alright.

    A bit of Captain America's story, Based on the Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier named Steve Rogers, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for a US army Super Soldier program. The military succeeds in transforming him into a human weapon. Then a Nazi plot reveals itself Rogers must rise up and and become the First Avenger. Later, during a mission to Germany to stop his archenemy - The Red Skull.

    The Avengers are a team of superheroes, appearing in magazines published by Marvel Comics. The team made its debut in The Avengers #1 (Sept. 1963), by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist / co-plotter Jack Kirby.
    The original members of the Avengers originally consisted of Ant-Man, Wasp, Thor, Iron Man, The Hulk, and Captain America. The rotating roster has become a hallmark of the team, although one theme remains consistent: the Avengers fight the foes no single superhero can withstand.

    For more FREE art instruction video online of superheroes drawing go watch How to draw Fantastic 4 Susan Storm (basic comics style drawing with pose), How to draw Batgirl comics, and watch How to draw comics superhero spiderman, and my How to draw comics character Hulk, it also has coloring or paint over tutorial. Also the new arrival video tutorial, How to draw Captain America, draw comics girl Emma Frost, And an older video tutorial, How to draw Batman or Darknight.

    Also basic to intermediate anatomy drawing instruction video, they are short but get right to the point and will be useful for studying muscles and human anatomy for artist go watch Drawing body muscle torso anatomy video & step by step and Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep video. Have fun watching.

    Here is Captain America, the first Avenger painting in progress.
    how to speed painting
    Here are step by step drawing Marvel superhero Captain America.
    how to draw Marvel comics 01
    how to draw Marvel comics 02

    And here is my Marvel celebrated Superhero so far, still in progress.
    draw Marvel superhero
    Next step (Step 2) go here: Digital painting superhero step by step

    Drawing and Painting video tutorial Captain America

    More full length video tutorials

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