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Online Comics: DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1 (post no. 004)

Online Comics: DOGs of WAR: Chapter 1

Online Comics: "DOGS OF WAR": chapter 1

Online Comics: DOGs of WAR. post no.001

Speedpainting Environment : "Mountain"

Another old Oil Painting, and some figure sketches.

How to draw Anime Girl Face.

Life Drawing

Guild Wars: Girls Fan Art

Funny stuff in St. Petersberg.

Girl Spinning: which way do you see?

How to draw a girl figure: Quick Video painting tutorial

How to draw and paint in Photoshop: Step by Step and VideoTutorials.

Sketches (more like scribble) from Sketch Book

Shanghai Express: aka "Mei and Pupie"

Things that inspired me: Alphonse Mucha and Mazinger.