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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to paint night scene landscape

How to paint night scene landscape.  Landscape quick color concept digital painting with a knight on a horseback. As I mention there will be more environmental concept scribble and here is another one of landscape or sort of seascape with some waves and rocky coast.
I was going to play more with perspective and do more building scenes, but I will save it for next time. This one surprisingly didn't take me as long as I think it would. Similar many of the concept I did, I start out monochromatic then finding the color scheme on step 3-4. I want it to be a cool color scheme to give it some sort of solitude in the setting at night. First I add the blue and work around with it until I get the variation of blue along with the correct values around the canvas, then I begin to add a little bit of the complimentary color, yellow, onto the image. Once you have more than one colors you should try to get them to balance by arrange one as dominant or primary, then secondary, then so on. As you do that, you will slowly seeing the color harmonize themselves. It can be difficult as it often did to me, but as you practice more and more, you will start to understand visually how you could get them to balance. But once in a while to get them off balance on purpose can get interesting result.

You can also read more tutorials and watch similar video of landscape painting tutorials such as environmental sketch concept digital painting (with video),drawing and painting environmental design magma fall, environmental concept tutorial ice-scape or arctic landscape.  Also this one point perspective city-scape tutorial involves perspective you can learn from.  And more landscape tutorials like Painting crystal cave conceptHow to paint rocky bridge, and Draw and paint valleys environmental concept.  And the one that involve using of custom waterfall brushes is Painting with waterfall custom brushes.

Here is a quick blue scheme landscape concept:
Below are step by step landscape painting tutorial:

learn digital painting concept art

environmental concept art tutorial
Here is a bigger size: environmental concept art tutorial

Hope you enjoy the tutorial, see you soon!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Painting Light and Shadow in Environmental design

Painting light and shadow in environmental design or study speed painting scene. This post is a study of light and shadow and how figures or objects in shadow appear differently from the figures or objects that get expose to light.

I am just taking an excerpt from the older post, color vs values artists tip and what was quoting from the great master Craig Mullins, "Decide what is in light and what is in shadow and don’t mix them up. Two major values, but if they are well thought out and designed and drawn they can look totally real. Think like that, but instead of making the light white and the shadow black, make the light a 7 and the shadow a 3."

Then look around from some images that have similar lighting situation and compose my own using some part of story I come up with. These guys are running away from something and alley would be a good place to put the kind of lighting into use. So one figure that was ahead run into the shadow of a building when he turns in the corner. And the rest still get expose to light as they just came down the street. I hope that make sense. =)

Here is the Light and shadow study speed painting so far:

Here are step by step process studying Light and Shadow:

storyboard tutorial

painting light and shadow tutorial
Here is a bigger image: Painting light and shadow study


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to draw background using perspective

How to draw background using perspective.  Here is a short tutorial on environmental concept sketch using one point perspective. Like I said before that I am going to do more environmental speed paintings (quick color sketches). Environmental involving perspective is probably one of the area I want to really be good at since I have not done a lot of them.

So far we have the following tutorials: Draw and paint Environmental concept Sand Valley, Drawing and painting environmental concept Magma Fall, Draw and paint landscape mountain rock, and Environmental concept tutorial Ice-Scape.  All the above are environmental concept sketches and paintings.  You can pick any video tutorials you like to see.

This one is a city at night study using one point perspective, it took me about an hour and a half painting and probably about a few more hours ref research and thinking. Like I usually do, I am focusing on the big shape first and foremost and line them up with perspective grid I drew up. After I got all the big shapes or elements in place, then I begin to work on rough detail to identify what kind of objects they are such as buildings etc. Here is the city at night quick color sketch.

One-Point Perspective.
One vanishing point is typically used for roads, railway tracks, hallways, or buildings viewed so that the front is directly facing the viewer. Any objects that are made up of lines either directly parallel with the viewer's line of sight or directly perpendicular (the railroad slats) can be represented with one-point perspective.

One-point perspective exists when the painting plate (also known as the picture plane) is parallel to two axes of a rectilinear (or Cartesian) scene — a scene which is composed entirely of linear elements that intersect only at right angles. If one axis is parallel with the picture plane, then all elements are either parallel to the painting plate (either horizontally or vertically) or perpendicular to it. All elements that are parallel to the painting plate are drawn as parallel lines. All elements that are perpendicular to the painting plate converge at a single point (a vanishing point) on the horizon.

Here is a sample of the one point perspective grid I used.

Here are step by step City environmental study tutorial:
Below as you will see, I move the horizontal line to the higher position, very close to the top boarder. As a result, the perspective will create a bird eye view camera angle image (looking from above). Then I placed the vanishing point is on the top right corner area instead of closer to the middle because it creates more interesting composition to the overall piece.

drawing city in perspective tutorial

Here is the final speed painting image
drawing city in perspective tutorial
For bigger image here: City night environment tutorial

Enjoy the tutorial! =)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to paint figure female back

How to paint figure female back.  Speed painting figure study back. Here is another step by step study from me. I've been trying to do a lot of painting to warm up before I start doing a real illustration. Though I have to admit that most of the time the warm up quick paintings can turn out better than the actual painting that I am trying to do for no reason. Usually I will spend an hour and half or two hours max to warm up, in my opinion it should be less than an hour to warm up. Though sometimes an under painting of a piece under an hour has potential then I got carry away and spend more time than I need to for the warm up.
If you don't know what speed painting is here is a somewhat definition of it. I could be called color and composition sketch.
Speed Painting is an exercise, primarily digital, in which one paints on a time budget usually in one sitting and less than a few hours, using already developed methods to create a piece. Speed Painting is a widely used term in the Entertainment industry, often amongst Concept Artists. Raw speed painting is akin to the "Alla Prima" method of traditional fine artists. It is about using value, color, texture, and composition to create a compelling and narrative piece within a relatively narrow time frame. The pieces usually have an "unpolished" and "raw" appearance, which stresses the importance of every stroke made on the canvas, digital or otherwise.

If you are interested in more of the same approach check out values tonal study female figure, and more basic how to draw video and step by step go watch How to draw lesson girl face, How to draw person head basic. And digital painting tutorial rogue samurai female. As for the face or head (women, female) Draw girl's face how to lesson video and step by step and learn how to draw face, woman. Enjoy the video tutorials.
You can check out the new and update of the late 2010 tutorial on female figures, most of these are painting step by step tutorials, some include video tutorials.  First for figure study, you can go take a look at female model sheet or female figure study woman body proportion sheet.  Recline female figure study has two posts.  The first is nude recline female figure quick color.  And the second is female figure study recline step by step.  These two part tutorial I pretty much focus on rough brush work and play around with textures.  Both are the same painting but it has part one and part two.  Also if you like comics style pin up painting, check out Emma Frost X-men first class and 2011 is year of the rabbit.  Both are not really focus on brush work, rather smooth rendering of the skin itself.  And Black Rock Shooter color sketch work is a really stylize that is similar to that of Anime or stylize Manga, but not typical.

Here is a speed painting figure study:

Here is what I was listening to set the mood when doing female figure study. There are a few tracks, press forward to change the song. You will like them, my musical taste are very broad, but they are all rare and great! ;-)

Below are step by step from gesture to underpainting

how to paint woman's back

Here is a final sketch
female figure back painting

Enjoy the tutorial =)

Female Figure Painting Premium Video Tutorials, Over 3 Hours of Lessons.

how to paint female figure 02

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Painting small creek environmental tutorial

Painting small creek environmental tutorial.  Landscape speed painting study process step by step. First, and probably most important in landscape or environmental design, is to pick your composition or viewpoint. It may sound obvious, but all too often people simply go with the first option that presents itself rather than wandering around a little considering the options a landscape presents. Where you stand in a landscape influences what you see in it and the angle you're seeing things. It's really great for artist to go outside and sketch environmental composition. It doesn't have to be very detail, it could just be some sort of values and composition study, then collect them in your sketchbook for further use.

There's something breathtaking about amazing landscape that motivates the artist in all of us to capture its essence though i don't do enough of it. My goal in the coming months is to do a lot more environmental painting, interior, exterior, city scape and landscape. I just want to be able to easily paint them as I usually do with figure. As though they are just a bunch of shape arranges into composition piece, it is still intimidating for me to do environmental concept art.

A lot of times, You can also use your imagination, like often concept artist has to come up with something new so they usually have to gather lots of references (5-7 to many more photos) to compose a piece. It's permissible to rearrange the elements in the landscape, if you think it'll make a better painting composition. Another option is to borrow elements from different landscapes and put them together in one piece.

You can enjoy more of the same kind of tutorials on environmental concept sketch go to and pick on of the following: Draw and paint Environmental concept Sand Valley, Drawing and painting environmental concept Magma Fall, Draw and paint landscape mountain rock, and Environmental concept tutorial IceScape.  Also this one, one point perspective city-scape tutorial, it include how to implement perspective into your concept art.

This one is just a study so that I can better my environmental painting skill. It's sort of like a speed painting and finished in less than an hour.

Here is a landscape study speed painting
Here are step by step speed painting process
landscape digital painting tutorial

Here is the final speed painting study (45 mins - an hour)
speed painting lesson

Enjoy the tutorial!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Values tonal study female figure quick speedpaint

Values tonal study female figure quick speedpainting. As I often mention the important of values or tonal, color vs values artist tips, now I am re educating myself on the subject and currently I am also focusing on utilizing my brush strokes on the painting.

Create a simple study, a rough painting that is used to work out the main values, which are shades of light and dark. The study should use neutral grays, which are cool and warm gray paints that are mixed together to create a neutral color temperature. You can work out the values for any painting with a simple value study that ’s no larger than a postage stamp. Once you work out the values study and get comfortable with them. They can be really useful and give you advantage when doing thumbnail sketches to find new idea and created an interesting, dynamic composition. You know exactly what you want to paint. Here is a very effective way to shade:
values study exercises and how to shade.

In this one, there isn't much of anything complex except a simple female figure study using tonals or values. Like I mentioned before I am revisiting my process and see how I can progress further. :)

Female figure tonal study

Here are step by step tonal values study
tonal values study painting instruction

Here is a final tonal study sketch.
tonal values study painting instruction

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