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How to draw Anime Face

How to draw Anime Face Step by Step lesson and video demonstration.  Learn how to draw Anime girl and Manga from rough basic geometry sketch to finish Manga drawing tutorial.  Easy to follow video and steps instruction.

This Anime girl face drawing tutorial is update for fresh new and better content on Oct 6, 2010.
We just want you guys to have a better tutorial as I progress to be better and faster artist. :)

**But if you land on this page and you think you are on the wrong site? Hold up! No, you are not. This is "How to draw GIRLs." I don't discriminate style or method. I just draw girls. If you are looking for Realistic Face Tutorial: go there: "How to draw Girl face, realistic" and
"How to draw Girl Body: Torso, realistic."
Let's continue on to Anime...or Manga style drawing step by step and video.

Here is the final image of Anime face drawing:
How to draw Manga

Here is a video instruction how to draw anime girl face:

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Also Step by Step drawing still images process below:

Here is a drawing for Anime girl 3/4 shot. And now I am going to explain how I drew it step by step. This one easy and simple drawing as possible. Another quick and easy tutorial!

Let's draw!
1) I start with an circle shape drawing (but imagine it's a sphere). On this one I am going to draw a 3/4 face shot.
2) Then I add a triangle shape slightly off to the left from middle of the bottom to make a chin.
3) Since you imagine this in a sphere. I then draw a horizontal contour along the surface of the three dimentional egg shape. This horizontal line should stay along the middle of the sphere surface and that's where humans eyes should be line up with. And the vertical line again curves along the surface of the egg shape that where the nose and lips should line up in relation to the face.

how to draw anime face step by step

4) Following the marks I made. I first drew a mark for nose and mouth. The nose should be place half way in between the horizontal line and the bottom edge line of the circle. The mouth usually half way between the nose and chin.

5) After that, I then I draw the eyes and eyebrows along the horizontal line. Also I add in her relatively large pupils. Remember the closer one should be slightly larger than the further (just tiny little bit). But I think you could also get away with equal size sometimes.

At this stage, I have all the important facial feature mark. Then I begin to draw hair line starting from her forehead.

how to draw anime face

7) I draw the hairline to frame her face. When do the anime or manga hair, make it simple, simplify big clump of hair and make if jaggy (I might do a tutorial on this later.)

8) The top of the head should be additional half a circle tall, measure from the top of the existing circle.

10) It's getting there! Finally, I clean up the construction lines at this stage. Then I just look at the overall proportion and check if it's ok then I add a slim neck and shoulder.

11) Done! Now you have anime or manga face sketch. From here, you could tighten up the drawing more or you can go into coloring you Anime face in Photoshop or whatever you prefer.

Finished Sketch of anime girl: 3/4 shot.
draw anime face

how to draw Manga face

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Hope that's helpful!!!
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Unknown said…
Hey, wonderful tutorial. I was used this as a reference for practicing my video game pixel art for fighting game characters. Recently I finished a tool to ink uploaded drawings, and couldn't help thinking about drawings. I used the finished picture from this tutorial (I hope you don't mind too much) to test it out, and figured you might appreciate seeing it. It's not 100% perfect yet, but as the only modification I made to the picture is running it through the software, it came out pretty well (or at least I think so). Let me know what you think, you can find it here.
idrawgirls said…
dustin> Thanks brother! No I don;t mind, its cool!