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How to draw basic human upper body torso Male (man) and Female (woman) upper body.

Drawing male and female body section (torso). Learn how to draw simplify torso and pelvis using geometric shape for Manga Anime comics: Step by Step video tutorial explain. Learn to sketch construction line for man and woman body: Torso and pelvis Step by Step basic sketching online lesson for cartoon illustration, manga, anime and comics. How to sketch and construct a BASIC body form quickly.

This tutorial basically me trying to solve the problem readers or viewers question send to me via email, im, youtube, and myspace. Thanks you all for the feedback!!!

So here are the questions:
Reader: "Besides that, do you learn to combine box & shepre to make torso from Karmatoons (please google him!)?"

idrawgirls: "Sphere for hips and box for torso...I will have to think about it for a couple days and I will possibly make a Vid tutorial explain it....karmatoon? nope, but I did check it out. They are cool -see below video tutorial."

Reader: "Also, besides Bridgman, what other anatomy books would you recommend for beginning artists? I'm thinking of getting Robert Hale's books. Is he any good?"
"Also, besides Bridgman, what other anatomy books would you recommend for beginning artists? I'm thinking of getting Robert Hale's books. Is he any good?"

idrawgirls: "I would highly recommended Bridgeman and Andrew Loomis. We use them religiously at work and they are a MUST have in your library. As for Hogart, it's worth having. But I have no idea about Robert Hale. I usually have Bridgeman and Loomis as reference when needed, most of the time I will go to life drawing session and draw a bunch for years so now I have stack of sketch from life drawing for my own ref. Find session and go draw from life, it will be one of the best thing you do as an artist."

Reader: "Finally, How would I draw Masamune Shirow style elongated body & longer legs within 8 heads? Or should I add more heads?"

idrawgirls: "Shirow's style? I love shirow's. Draw longer legs...if you notice his girl's legs are pretty long. If adding more heads make sense to you then do so...Shirow's earlier works are more toward normal proportion, but then they evolve to hyper long and super slim anime style recently .... -and watch the following tutorial, I will explain them to you in depth."

Here are the sketch to go along with the video tutorial:

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Here is a video tutorial explain all that:

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Here are basic tutorial for human body:
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Feel free to comment and if you have any question about how to draw and such do not hesitate to post, I will try my best to answer any question about art as much as possible.

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Anonymous said…
This was a really helpful talk...I enjoyed hearing about some other artists that I don't think I've ever heard about before. My only question would would you draw your chibi characters, or children? I always have problems drawing children for the simple fact that their bodies have strange proportions, hehe. Thank you!
idrawgirls said…
Ano> Thanks bro, we (you and me and everyone) are all still learning everyday. Once you stop or's enough...they we are done for. Anyway, Big head is the key. Children have bigger head. And they mostly look good stylize IMO. Chibi stuff would be close to this vid tut:
Not realistic, but the principle works.