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Basic Photoshop tutorial for artist:

Photoshop shortcuts for digital painting and artists:
Photoshop Tutorial, Basic Photoshop walk around for artists and using photoshop as a painting tool. As you request, this video tutorial show you how to work around Photoshop to increase workflow and keyboard shortcuts, hotkeys for artist, drawing, and painting. If you are using photoshop for digital illustration, manga, anime and comics then watch the tutorial.

Question from Viewers:

Q: Lastly, let me make you a tutorial request:
Your tutorials are focused on digital drawing and painting so, maybe a basic tutorial about brushes, layers and the basic "digital environment" would fit well on this blog. I'm not talking about an in-depth Photoshop tutorial, but how to use the basic sketching and painting tools.

Watch: Here is a Walk Around Photoshop Basic for Artist Video tutorial:

(The video tutorial is not mine, the old one was gone with REVVER. But it will help.

Here are more about Photoshop, Brushes, and setting:
-Photoshop Workflow and Hot Keys
-Setting up your brush pen and tablet
-Making Basic Color Palette
-How to make a Photoshop custom brush #1
-How to make a Photoshop custom brush #2

Color Palette Sample:

Here is a Photoshop Short Cut keys sheet:

FREE DOWNLOAD, Over 30 mins of Video TutorialsFree Drawing Tutorial video download

More tutorials:
-How to draw comics, woman character

-How to draw mecha cannon machine
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-Draw and paint metal armor character concept design.
-Learn to Draw Manga Ninja dude tutorial
-Basic Photoshop How to use tools for artists
-Set up your Wacom Tablet and brushes
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-Photoshop short cut, hot keys for artists

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This is just what I was looking for.
Thanks !!

You are not only a superb artist. You are an excellent teacher.
Darkaker said…
Indeed =). i'm looking forward too see more of your work.
idrawgirls said…
Richard> Thanks, I do what I can. :)

Darkakar> Thanks, there are tons on vid tutorials, feel free. And there are more coming :)
Russ B. said…
thnxs man the website is great i purchase the mecha tutorial its helpd a tremendous deal thnxs alot

-Russ B
Jerry said…
HEY! :) i have a question about the video..i checked the forums but they dont seem to have it on there...0.0 how did u change the backround layer color from white to gray? sorry for my lame question...:(
other than that great job...i love your videos :)
idrawgirls said…
Jerry> Use color bucket to fill in the color. :)
Tattoo MAN said…
i have tried to watch this vid but i cant even see the player i have dl adobe flash 10.102 but still no go i have purchased almost all ur vids can watch those maybe dont need to watch this but was curious
idrawgirls said…
Tatoo Man> This video was hosted on REVVER, the site went down... I am going to have to re-upload it sometimes this week, just hope that I can find the original.