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What is the best resolution for printing you illustration and art piece

What is the best resolution for printing you illustration and art piece

Resolution and Size Guidelines for Artists and illustrators

For best results, your image files should contain 300 dpi (for best result)of un-interpolated resolution at final print size. *So basically you have to set up your working file size at 300 dpi if you plan to print it.

Scanning your drawing- your scans need to be large enough for the purpose. Although prints can be made from smaller files, the lack of digital information present will give a less satisfactory and soft result. The ideal would be to create a scan to the output size you want, at 300 dpi.

Most common problem when printing image:
Color doesn't match: This happen all the time even in the professional environment.
There are many reasons why and ways that monitor displays and printed output are dissimilar including:

- Monitors use additive RGB color while printing uses subtractive CMYK pigments, each a different way of reproducing color.

- In print, ink layering and overlapping causes subtle shifts in color not found in the individual pixels that make up a screen image.

- Printed images don't have the same range, saturation, and contrast as a monitor making the colors typically darker and less vibrant than on screen. Paper texture and brightness also affect — and change — the printed image.

**TIPS: If you are an artist working on illustration, FOCUS ON THE VALUE and try not to use color that are not common or too saturate. If your value is correct, then your print out still be fine even if the color is OFF.

I will talk about how to calibrate the monitor in later post.

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