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007 James Bond retro movie posters Part II, inspiration for artists

007 James Bond retro movie posters Part II, inspiration for artists. Creative art work from the past. Too bad they don't do them nowadays anymore after the end of 90's.

Here is part II of 007 slick poster collection part of my newly discover inspirational collective. Enjoy! For me, I think these are very sexy and slick. I really dig them. They really do know how to draw and paint girls.

I could not find any artist's names, apologize before hand. :(

Let me know guys if pose like this will be useful or if you are interested in subject matter? Feedback and comment are always welcome here, don't be shy. ;)
I also plan to post landscape and cool industrial photos or painting...anyone know of a good site or blog for such cool visual stimulating images, let me know by commenting on the blog.

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Chris said…
I think alot of old movie posters are slick, not just the Bond ones... especially when you think computers didn't really have a say in the matter!

As for landscapes, the first site I stumbled on seemed to be quite good for visual reference, but some of these pictures don't look real to me. Anyway the site and some examples:

Industrial scenes seem to be alot harder to find that are decent/interesting. But I think I've found the jackpot (some are more recent then others):

Here's some old mines:

Hope that helps!
Chris said…
Sorry extra post, but I have to say that these are some great steel mill photos:
XIA said…
Chris> Thanks brother! You are right! I will find some more cool stuff...and possibly digging some from your ref!
peace! :)
Luca said…
Xia I have to tell you that although I didn't got the idea of retro poster, now I have to tell you that they are really nice - especially the girls! ;)

Regarding to photos I have got a GREAT idea (hopefully)... I live in Malta (Europe) and the particular area where I live is quite interesting! I will go out and take a couple of natural gardens and sea photos with maybe some tourists ships - I think that it will be a good source! I will then upload them on my blog and if possible either send you the links or upload a copy of some of them on the community blog.

Chris > thanks bro, you really sent good links especially those of nature, although some of them are too edited, they are quite interesting and inspiring! Thanks again!

Xia > if you check the community they're already there and if you could give a look at my blog I'll appreciate a lot, still I can understand that you may be busy (I forgive you LOL :D) Anyways your comment will help and improve my skill! Thanks bro!

Luca said…
Xia, here is the link of some photos I took... well there's something also on the community.

Hope you like them and that they come useful at least for someone -_-

By the way... what happened to that "Pirate"?

negar said…
I think the old posters draw by Fred Pfeiffer,poor guy he was`nt so famous:( and the secound by Robert McGinnis..
XIA said…
Luca> Everything can inspire us whether it be at the sudden moment or it will hit us visually later on. Visual stimulation is very important to us artist, just like mathematics equation and problem are very stimulating for them math geniuses. That's what make us move and try to be better.
Thanks for the photos those are awesome. Very stimulating.

Negar> I will check those out. Thanks for the recommendation dear. :)