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The art of duplication from kung fu assassin, Kapow Express Online Comics

The art of duplication or multiplication from kung fu assassin, Kapow Express Online Comics.
Now, it's time for the goofy face show off his on action pack non-sense Manga online: Kapow Express

Kapow Express: page #011

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-Online Manga Kapow Express page #010
Or For page 1-9 goto Online Manga

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Creator's NOTE:
Now, what should happen next? Feel free to give me some idea or feedback. I did implement some of our readers' idea, Dahaca, mix them up with some twist for the next plot line. It sounds crazy good, like super retardo good. :) Just will make sense, but twist...

Anyway, I really do hope them Zombies and Vampires are coming up soon because Chris is awaiting patiently. The yummy story line is coming along quit well. But I still think it would be fun to have you guys pitching the idea.

Accumulation of ideas pool I can pick the one that best fits, including mine. :)
Wouldn't that be UBER?

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-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS2 (Professional software)
*You can just use pencil, paper, markers on this one...just practice rendering.

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Luca said…
Ha ha! that technique reminds me of "Naruto's Dopple Ganger" jutsu! cool!
I think Mei will show what she's made of now that her food is splattered... I think that goofy idiot will sonn get them, but please Xia, if he's going to get his ass kicked leave his trademark fine -- DON'T LET ANYONE BREAK HIS TEETH! (at least for now ;)
by the way fine artwork as usual- well done!
dahaca6022 said…
Agreed!!!!I bet the restaurant will go down now when her food is crushed.
She is gonna kill every one and each of them for that(including the monk :) )Will it be awesome if the big guy farts :)?Cant wait to see what will happen!!!Awesome-Perfect-Fantastic !!!

I did implement some of our readers' idea, Dahaca,
WELL I am truely honered !!!!The thing is that I fagot what Idea i gave you Xia.Tell me later
Chris said…
That's a well drawn kick, real power to it.

I'd say Mei is either going to kick some butt, then Big Bow comes into play (or runs away depending on his character).

Or keep Mei's fighting ability a mystery till a little later- Mei is about to kick off but the cross scar monk asks her to step aside to avenge his brother.
Chris said…
Oh and he jumps in before Mei has a chance to say no.
Jason Sunday said…
I love the manga! The pacing in the story is great. I think that the scarred Monk should be a complete badass and use a one hit blow to dropping the guy the two swords and stroll out of the restuarant like it was nothing. Leaving everyone stunned at the preformance and then the fight continues in the street.
dahaca6022 said…
"in the street"yeees!Then I come with A BAZUUKA and kill the cucumber man cuz I didnt like the cucumber!
ha nice!
It would be awesome if the funny face man had a check list:
1.Run away cowardly from the battle in the restaurant.Check!
2.Help the Boss with the dishes.Almost done...
or something like that.
Oh and Mei should be a shinigami like in Bleach and the monk could do Katon Gokaki no Jutsu like in Naruto.
OOOR our heroes will meet Mei's mom and she will be a killing machine and will make the monk angry every time.I bet he's name is Johnatan or something Japanese like (I dont know) Huan Dou....
That were thing that were popping in my head! :) :) :)
Chris said…
Hey nice change to the background colour on the site, much easier on the eyes.
Knuckles930 said…
Things would be uber if we have German soldiers barrage in, but the time the story takes place it would be British soldiers I guess.
XIA said…
Thanks to all you guys, haven't been here a little while.
LUCA, Knuckle, dahaca, pokepetter and Chris are actually contribute a lot in inspiring me and such!!! Also our recent memebers negar and more.

Luca>'s actually an old kung fun and Ninja tricks shown in many kung fu movie also Nija Scroll. This is just the beginning, I am trying to come up with cooler to top the previous ones, we'll see.

Thanks bro, I will try not to. :)

dahaca> You and Luca seems to have read my mind? But could it really be that? We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

Chris> thanks, I am trying to come up with different angles...will try more the next round...they takes a little longer time to establish than the mundane shots...hopefully I will get into the flow.
Good plot there...I will have to think about it.

Jason Sunday> You are thinking along the same line as Chris, this is interesting. Yes! Shaolin badass, but is he?

dahaca> Good idea again, that's a long and many random thoughts, I could possibly implement later. Thanks.

Chris> I try :)

Knuckle> Ah man! you foresee the future, how could you! No wait, they might not be the German, but Russian, French, Spain, Brit...more importantly the Empire of the Sun (Japan's Imperial Army WWI). We'll see. But mabe it's a good thing to put in some Nazi's spy and such.