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Bastard: Destructive God of Darkness, Dark Schneider is Top 100 manga.

Bastard: Destructive God of Darkness, Dark Schneider is Top 100 manga you should definitely read

Bastard!! Destructive God of Darkness (バスタード!! 暗黒の破壊神, Basutādo!! Ankoku no Hakai Shin?) . Top 100 Manga you should read! It is one of my most favorite of all time. :) I really love the art work back then and some what the story.

Bastard!!! is a manga by Kazushi Hagiwara. It first appeared in Weekly Shōnen Jump, in 1988, and continues to be published irregularly today in Ultra Jump. Currently, it spans 25 volumes.

Kazushi Hagiwara is an enthusiastic fan of heavy metal music and Dungeons & Dragons, using ideas from both of these in the Bastard!! story. Many characters and places in the story, for instance, are named after members of Hagiwara's favorite bands. Hagiwara also attributes the manga Devilman by Go Nagai as a primary influence on his artwork.

It is about sorcery, revenge, and other power struggles in a Dungeons & Dragons-like world. It is a dystopian world, where people need magic to survive against wild beasts, and evil monsters. There are endless rulers, each one with his own army of knights and mages, who fight for survival against those beasts and the armies of multiple evil sorcerers. This world can be perfectly described by the words from the opening:

"Several hundred years, after the fall of human civilization...

It was a lawless period, a time without order.

Only blood, flesh, bone, and iron...

It was also a time of Sorcery...

Having been terrorized by demonic creatures their entire lives, humans beings were miserably inadequate, and forced to subsist in a barren, bastille environment."

While the first half of the manga follows most a theme similar to Dungeons & Dragons scenarios, it later also focuses on aspects such as beliefs, morals and religions.

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Luca said…
I didn't know about this one... I make sure to watch it out and if possible find the manga for the artwork!

I found a nice youtube video of it:

There is a very cool knight at 4:50 -
Check it out ;)

XIA said…
luca> never seen the anime, but the MANGA was GREAT!!! Thanks for the vid, I should post it up.