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Manga Tutorial, How to draw and color dragon, Fire Blaze part 2

Manga Tutorial, How to draw and color dragon, Fire Blaze. Fire Dragon Concept design digital illustration step by step drawing and painting or coloring process display from basic sketching to finish drawing quick concept for comics cartoon illustration, manga, anime.

Here are part II of digital art tutorial Fire Dragon Concept design illustration process.

6) Assign color, in this case I pick blue and yellowish orange (complimentary scheme).
dragon, fire, knight, art, concept, design, drawing, how to, illustration, manga, sketch, tutorial

7) Then I begin to flesh out and render the head, focusing on big shapes and define values.
dragon, fire, knight, art, concept, design, drawing, how to, illustration, manga, sketch, tutorial

8) After I get all the big shape within the head, then I go in and refine secondary shape.
*TIP: Keep the value within the existing range of the area when paint, all I am trying to do is to make the existing values more readable. I am not really painting or introducing any more than 10% of new values within the area. Don't over paint it!
dragon, fire, knight, art, concept, design, drawing, how to, illustration, manga, sketch, tutorial

To be continues
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Chris Reeve said…
Don't suppose you can give us a rough time in hours when you've finished the entire piece?
pokepetter said…
The colors brought this to life.

I suggest you make the mountains in the background a bit warmer. You could also add some clouds and some plants to really make it alive.

Looking great so far!
negar said…
yes!That`s a real tame Dragon!!!
very nice!love it:X
Dahaca said…
What can I say:It's big and awesome!What more do you want?Oh yeah!It's real!You are getting better and better Xia!
Yesterday I saw the interview(again)
and I thought "This guy is totally awesome.And he is human!I wonder if Xia is human too..."
So I ask you:Are you human Xia?Cuz your art is incredible!!!Keep it up!!!(If I keep up this I am gonna run out of compliments.Oh yeah!I will ask Chris, pokepetter and the other members!Can I rely on you pokepetter and Chris?)
Xia don't read that /\ :)
Luca said…
Ah nice one man.... it's getting awesome!!! Like dahaca6022 I'm running out of compliments :p You're awesome brother!

Dahaca: regardomg which interview you talked about???

Chris Reeve said…
We all know Xia isn't human. Just look at his profile picture.
snow said…
Hi Xia!

Have you ever considered doing a corel painter tutorial? I say this because, I much prefer painter over photoshop, and I know thats just preference, but I love your style it's perfect and I am struggling to replicate it in painter. I'm not sure whether you're trained in painter or even know how to use it but I thought it's worth asking. It's hard with very limited painter tutorials out there to really learn its potential, just dribbly deviant art .pdfs.

If I could see how you did maybe one piece of work in it I could use that as the basis for converting all your photoshop paintings into corel painter.

Otherwise do you know any good painter tutorial sites,? All I really have is a good video by Jason Chan.

I need to paint these drawings I'm doing! :( :P

Thanks alot and keep up the good work.

Tim McLeod.
pokepetter said…
There's a lot of good gnomon DVDs on painter that you can check out.
Andrew Wong said…
Yes, I just watched a Gnomon tutorial by Ryan Church... all he uses is Painter, and he has a lot of tips on streamlining your workflow.
idrawgirls said…
Chris> So far I think this is about 45 mins in. Each post for this roughly estimate time spend for me limited at 20-30 mins.

Pokepetter> Thanks bro! I am planing to have magma fall with tons of volcanos, cliff. I will have to keep it cool for now so that it will contrast with the lava & magma. Thanks for the tips.

negar> It will get meaner and meaner, watch out dear. This is one MEAN dragon. ;)

dahaca> Thanks bro. I wish I am getting better faster. I still have lots of problem trying to be consistently good with values and nail down everything. ART is HARD!
I wish I were a robot. (No, I didn't read that at all)

luca> Thanks brother, I am also running out of the way to take the compliment also. and I wish I were a robot.

chris> Oh yeah, I forgot what I actually am. Thank for reminding me brother. I am actually not a robot.

snow> It's the matter of preference. Artists can pick their tool, but the principle remain the same. I am too found of Painter, but I am way faster in PS with all the customization and brushes over the for the work flow purpose. But if I am blogging full-time, then I will make video of all the programs available out there. So as of now, no luck brother. :) but some day in the future far far away.

pokepetter> I have Ryan Church & Dusso. Kinda expensive but Amazing stuff.

Andrew> Yes, indeed. He's one of the best artists in the industry.
snow said…
Ah! Thank you pokepeter, this site has some great painter tutorials!

And thanks for your quick responses to my comments Xia, you're an amazing resource!