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Hairstyle concept for the character warrior girl process

Some hairstyle concept for the character warrior girl process.

Update with some new comp and Emo inspired hair design.
And this composition tweak...slightly a little bit.
Thanks for all the feedback and links guys.

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oooh B! B! Just to add a little bit more crazy
Xeik said…
Choose B i like B =3
Luca said…
Xia personally I'd choose A as you did on the thumbnail... it looks more cool!

Awesome job so far, can't wait to see the rest!

Chaosvsorder said…
Maybe take the fringe from B, but use the buns and tail from A? Both look great though!
They both look pretty good but id prefer a loose hairstyle where her hair is swaying everywhere you know? Maybe the buns and that idea. Great post though.
Anonymous said…
Did you record this? I'd like to see this session.
XIA said…
Thank you seems lots of people vote for B...
I will try to come up with some more. I like B cuz it's not the usual norm, also A because it's simple and clean. I want to see if I can borrow the good qualities of both and mix them up.

Recording? Yes, but I will not coming out anytime soon. :)

Thank for the feedback guys.
Just passing by.... again said…
I say B, it makes her look more playful and trashy, just like a female warrior with a big hammer should be :3