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Manga drawing Video tutorial painting distance background

Manga drawing Video tutorial painting distance background.

Quick process from rough sketch to paint over color for storyboard, Manga, and comics. Most of the time I will start with gray scale or monotone to arrange your scene and composition, then I will paint in color rather than start off with color. I find it easier for me to focus first correct drawing and values then finally colors, just one step at the time. Also having correct values in your work will help you achieve color harmony.

As promise, a little late. This post is a continuation from Manga tutorial drawing background
you can also click on the link to see step by step I previously posted.

Here is the final sketch: Drawing Manga Distance Background
Watch Drawing video tutorial: painting distance or fade background.

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Erik said…
THanks for the tutorial but now i need to re-download the wmv files because they showed up as textonly files when i attempted to access them after getting the viewer program. Can you send me the video files again via e-mail or something? I would really appreciate it.

By the by? Barbarian chick= awesome.
XIA said…
Erik> Yes, You can e-mail the staff ASAP, so they can have your e-mail as a reference point then they can go from there and find your code.
Thanks for letting us know.
XIA said…
Erik> No worry, I called them. They found it and it's all taken care of. Hopefully it will work out fine for you. If you have any further problem, feel free to ask me or e-mail them.

Luca said…
Great Xia... I hope you will teach us as well on how we can use layers in our advantage. Sometimes I get across other great artist but they will have TONS of layers all grouped in Tons of Folder Layers!! If you'll know any good technique please let me know! :)

Well done!
pokepetter said…
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snow said…
Love this style Xia. Really good for a beginner artist like me.

Random question, are you working on Guild Wars 2?! I'm excited!!
XIA said…
Luca> You have my feature tuts, you can see...I don't use layers as much. We'll see what I can find out for more advantages other than clustered and huge file size IMO. **Though On environment I could see if you doing a huge elaborated city scape using weeks worth of painting time.

snow> Glad you like it, it's simple indeed. :)