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Manga Tutorial draw multiple characters in the scene

How To draw and color multiple characters in the scene with background. The tutorial show you the way to create a dynamic comics or manga panels, putting multiple characters within the setting. How to create depth, composition and arrange the objects.

Nothing fancy, just a quick color sketch for the storyboard or Maga or comics panel. It's not intended to be a full illustration, just to tell the story with image.
This panel short is basically the lower camera angel and closer to the character than the previous post "Background digital painting tutorial" changing the angel of the camera appropriately can elevate feels and better understanding of the action and the story telling itself. Ah! I should find some solid info and make a post about that. :)

Camera angel and storyboard go hands in hands. They are the essence of film making, other than sound.

Qoutes of the day:
A friend of mine says, "Art`s like a shark. You`ve got to keep swimming, or else you drown." Keep bouncing around. People always ask me, "What`s the plan?" There is no plan. I go to what fascinates me next. -Ridley Scott

Anyway, here is the final color sketch Manga comics panel

Here are step by step still images:
manga, drawing, anime, background, environment, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, background, environment, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, background, environment, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
manga, drawing, anime, background, environment, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art
5) I called this scribble done for now. :)
manga, drawing, anime, background, environment, sketch, comics, storyboard, concept, art

Watch Video tutorial: Drawing Multiple character with background

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Dahaca said…
Really well done!(especially Mei).Anyway I guess no one is perfect(but Xia Knuckles Luca vofff and everyone else here are really awesome and talented at drawing)so why do we continue calling our art a "sketch"(Art is never finished, only abandoned." Leonardo da Vinci.He is kinda right)BUT still we deserve more.Some times I say"Look at my high quality digital masterpiece!:D :D :D"Are we that much modest to call our art a sketch?

Anyway how many artists have long hair?Do you have long hair?I have :P
Dahaca said…
lets make an inquiry about long and short hair to determine.
Luca said…
Dahaca> Yeah, I kind of agree with what you said... but sometimes I tend to leave my drawings at a sketch-stage. Don't know why, maybe I have so many things in mind that I want to lay down all my imagination. Sometimes when I don't feel inspired to create anything, I go back to my sketches and take them to a further stage. Try it out!
Regarding my hair personally I really have it short... just like the shaolin in Kapow Express! :)

Xia> Great job as always brother! Your approach is really good! Listen regarding yesterday's question, if you want I can prepare you a number of questions (you choose how many) to ask your super-talented friends! Yesterday I was re-viewing kekai kotaki and really impressed me on how realistic his artwork is... I would love to see some interviews brother. It's good to know others techniques and approaches.

Thanks a lot.
Chris Reeve said…
Hi, I think for the manga this panel works really well, and I'd say it was one of the best panels so far. It's got that sketchy style that you were going for but it feels very complete, if you get what I mean.

As for hair, short but not short short.
Knuckles930 said…
Most often I sketch something and just add some detail to it. Don't finish it all the way, specially not coloring, barely do that. At least not on paper.

As for the hair, I got short. For a while in Egypt even bold, but that was due to the great weather and the death of 2 people, both close to me. (one my grandma in China, and the other on the jetty after a dive, so close in different ways ;)

So that was kinda for the occasion, still I might do that again, liked it.

But I'm not sure if there is a link between creativity and length of hair, since I know know people with long and short, who make both great and poor work...

Might be personal preference and age I think, that determine it.
idrawgirls said…
dahaca> I used to when I was a teen. But then it got inconvenience, because it took too long to wash. Really, most of the stuff on the site I haven't spend more than one hour on. :) But soon I will have to do a good one.

Luca> Like I reply to you...if I have more time I rather draw and paint...or go on dates.
No time for me to interview, you can e-mail them and ask them yourself, I am sure they will response. Everyone is very busy. I am extremely busy with work, blog, gym, life and many more project. I wish I could do them all :)

Chris> Thanks brother. :)

Knuckle> sorry to hear about your grandma. Shorter is better and more convenience if you are a serious athlete anyway, get it clean fast...and sweat run right thru your head.
Luca said…
Xia> Ok brother, don't worry.. gym is good and dating is better :D I can understand you as I also have so many things to do... thanks anyways :)
Knuckles930 said…
Luca > Well if your up to it you could mail the questions to them and process them into a nice post for the community. I'm sure Xia can put a link on the main page to them.

Xia > People die, happens all around and I hope one day I may also.
As for the hair short, its more easy to put on a hood when diving, plus you don't get any hair in between your mask, which can make it leak than.
idrawgirls said…
LUCA & Knuckle> You guys are on to something here!!!
The idea is, YOU can INTERVIEW any GOOD artist from anywhere (Deviant Art, etc...) Especially NEW up coming ARTists who are unique and good Then put them in the community.
E-mail them questions like 5-7 I would say. Then feature 3-5 of their pieces. Everyone loves PR!!!
And if you want me to put them on the main site, then I would also You can put them on your personal BLOG feed!!!
HOORAY!!! Everyone is HAPPY!!!
idrawgirls said…
That way you might also attract them to post with you guys once in a while. :)
Knuckles930 said…
Sounds like an awesome idea, specially since it works both ways. They can get some extra PR and we have a potential new member. I think we can make this work quite well.