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More creature design sketches and over all process

More creature design sketches and over all process. Step by step from sketch to a full illustration.

Here are some mean mean looking creatures and stuff. It was fun but it took a while to get to what I really wanted for the illustration.

This is the one I decided from the bunch of thumbnails above...but still unhappy with.

Blah!!! Grrrrrr!

I decided that I want the girls warrior's pet creature to be a little more cuddly like more mammal (majestic looking with petable looks rather and cool scary looking thing) rather than amphibian / lizard/ monster look alike creature... so here are some more experimental sketch. It's getting there.

So here they are...more sketches

I decided it should have bigger head and thick neck!
Enough for today,
OK tomorrow will be some more video tutorial for sure. :)

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Knuckles930 said…
Nice, love the dynamic poses.
HB said…
Amazing,love it...they look like evil hyenas.Two thumbs up :)
Anton said…
Great stuff, Xia, as usual!
This kind of interactive process of picture creation is very interesting and refreshing :)
keep it up!
Luca said…
Agree with Anton! Xia I really like your last skech... its really cool!

Xia, I have one curiosity... did you ever sculpt anything? I mean did you ever put you drawings onto 3d sculptures?

Keep up the good work...
Majur said…
Xia, you work are awensome! I like her pet more robust, with spikes, like the second sketch. I think long and scary fang are cool. To gave the pet look to the creature, make some rings, bracelets, earings, etc into her.
Chris said…
Hi again,

You said in the last comments section to post any cool creatures to inspire you... here's a few that might help with a bit of inspiration for your latest development:
(love okami artwork) (Things from FF seem to really stick in my head!) (HUGE pic) (don't ask how I know this)

Hope some of it might be helpful!
XIA said…
Knuckle> Thanks

HB> Those are in fact inspired by Hyenas :)

Anton> Thanks

Luca> Thanks brother, nope...I would if I know how. My grandpa is a pro sculpture artist though but he passed over 20 years ago

Majur> Good idea, I will try that...also painted face for pet like chinese opera face paint, you will see.

Chris> Thanks brother!!! I almost forgot about that Okami!!! it rocks so hard...very inspiring man!!! I could dream and possibly steal some element from that. :)

Thanks a lot brothers. You guys have a good day!