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Online Manga Kapow Express resting in the forest

Online Manga Kapow Express resting in the forest.

The last two panels of page 3 and the first two of page 4. I know it confusing but I couldn't really keep up with the pace. :P And the Manga art tutorials are working along quite nicely, got lots of great feedback from you guys. Thanks a bunch Finally the some random cool stuff is also in the work and hope to take it to the finish line also.

Cheng (monk) and the Bing Bing (the waitress), Both are heading to the next town... and what's gonna happen.
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Also, as usual, feel free to give me idea on the story line, gags...something cool that should happen. You guys kinda stop doing that since I haven't ask. I actually have the story layout, but you guys could help me add flavor to this ACTION PACK!!! This is probably the only Manga you could help the creator create. :)

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Luca said…
Awesome man... yes I didn't recommend you anymore ideas...Sorry! -_0
The first thing that comes in my head is: "Will they arrive to the next town in a FEW hours or they will find any obstacles?"
This is my idea, now I believe it's you that you have to chew the idea!

By the way, the third panel has a GREAT angle which shows Cheng's eagerness to arrive to the next town. Well done!
Knuckles930 said…
Well taken that the soldiers from Big Bow are from an Imperial Legion or something, its plausible that more soldiers are aligned with his cause. Sure if they where looking for them, they would spread there forces even prior to finding them at the restaurant.