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Warrior Character Design thumbnails step 1 preliminary

Warrior or Warlord Character Design thumbnails step 1 preliminary.

Here are some quick thumbnail sketch of a semi-personal project I am working on for fun. This one I will have to push it all the way to the finish product (for once) since there are some request for refine concept or illo.

Thumbnails is a very first step to initiate doodle after you have gather the initial idea of what it is all about. It's like brainstorming and anything can be modified, changes and explore for cooler or better stuff at this point. I usually like to scribble a few horrible looking thumbs to warm up automatically not so horrible afterward.

Here are some Warrior thumbnails

I get to these two after I doodle a few horrible ones ;)

Below are some horrible thumb sketches...:(
I was fond of one of the design so I explore more that's how I get to the first image.
Well, nothing much today...when I progress further perhaps I will edit the video tutorial and show you how they are done and stuff. As for today...peace out

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Luca said…
Cool brother... it's like in the feature tutorials! :)

I hope to see you posting the evolution until the final illustration.

Knuckles930 said…
Nice to see some sketches. I like the pose of the second character poses, top left. Looks kinda jumping or something.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother! I will take it as far as I can from scratch to something nice! :)

Knuckle> Thanks, yes she's kinda jumping. I am trying out different poses and such...