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Character concept design process Female Warrior

Character concept design process Female Warrior work in process.
Here is a small update for the illustration project I am still painting...working on it for a few hours after the last post "Character concept art Female Warrior" work in process.

I rearranged her facial structure a bit, add more features, clean up, then hair, shoulder pad and chest and breasts area. This are still just arrangement to get the overall values and get the idea of how the final lighting will be for her figure.

Here is a character close up I have so far.

Also add some nasty sharp spiky teeth to the hammer head
I will still have to paint over for highlights and darkest dark, then clean up the image and then...hopefully it will all be done by early next week.

Thanks again guys for all the feedback and comments.

Quote of the day: "Art is a lie that makes us realize truth." Pablo Picasso

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Genius MousePen 6x8
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet
-Bamboo (Small) Pen Tablet (new from Wacom!)
Economy for everyone.
-Gimp (Free Download)
-Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)

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Luca said…
Great Xia... can't imagine her enemies who get smashed with that hammer... all those teeth! :S

I was going to ask you if you have any good inpirational philosophy but I read that you quoted Picasso! One of the most helpful philosophies is "Draw what you see, not what you think you see". It really helped me... if you know others please post.

Thanks a lot fot the great work. these days I need more inpirational stuff as I'm stucked a bit

XIA said…
Luca> That's right brother! Draw what you see! (From life or from ref) it's true!!! I can't stretch this to people enough...often they draw what they think they see... The most visible example I always see is "nose drawing"..when drawing or sketching nose...most of the time what you see doesn't look like a nose, they are just light and shadow (values). Most people will draw them out as what they think a nose looks like (even from ref) This is why I often say focus on "values" because once you have that correct drawing and values...the audience's eyes will automatically correct that it IS a NOSE and looks real if you have the correct value and you don't have to anatomically draw out the whole nose.
Make any sense?
Luca said…
YEAH... sure there is lot of sense! Still, I believe one must practice his eye to get the right values.I'm quite working HARD to achieve this... when I watch your tutorials (over & over) I get inspired and think it's quite easy but then I find it's not that easy when I open a new canvas! :S

I would like to ask you something that I have noticed lately in my paintings... how do you get the darkest dark and the lightest light in a compostition? Sometimes I get the image too dark that it's not nice at all. Your paitnings have a real subtle balance of good dark and light.
What I mean is that if you take the darkest Value of the paintings, it's not a total black, it gives the illusion of total black because it has lighter values around it... do you understand what I mean? (keep in mind that english isn't my mother language!)

Any tips? Xie xie!
XIA said…
Luca> I am still struggling myself, but if you read this post over and over it might give you some idea.
Also I have been meaning to study the master artists' painting by copying...yes people do...find any good painting by Sargent, Zorn, Craig and copy as close as you can get. Then some secret will reveal.

Good luck
Luna said…
I like what you did with the hammer, reminds me of some kind of demonic worm mouth.
XIA said…
Luna> Thx, I thought so too, it works out better than plane. :)
Luca said…
Great Xia... I have read that post and I will keep on keeping it as a handy reference every now and then.

I'd like to ask you a simple question... when a young artist (me) has to study the old masters (Monet, Mullins...) and other great artists (like you!), what does exactly "Study" mean? Know their birth dates, their education, or try to copy/ mimic their technique? Like you told me in your last answer. Does all great artists like you (in arenanet) had to study All the old masters, or study those who have the best style that suit yours?

Thanks and hope not to be bothering you with my questions... if I do please tell me! ;P
XIA said…
Luca> Basically, copying their painting, replica of their piece...though...You cannot use color picker...make your own palette. copy their sketches, that's studying their works.
Luca said…
Xia> Thanks a lot man... bow!
Akyo said…
Luca> I think that you are on the best way to get a damn good artist!!
You are drawing/learning asking so much that its impossible to stuck longer time! Keep up your enthusiasm in the art bussiness bro! :)

Xia> You are a person with a good soul. You share all your long gone way of artist with other artists who still have to learn alot. But I think that you are still learning too many things right? A human can never get to a point where you are "perfect and done", right bro? :)
XIA said…
Akyo> Thanks for the kind words. :) It's been fun and keep me doing stuff and practicing on many aspect that I otherwise would not do. Yes, I am still learning and trying to break the ceiling or any artistic block that will come my way... It happens often than you think...I always have to think how to improve myself and push it to the next level all the time (which often fail to do so, I can only move by inch with REALLY hard work). I learn a lot from making quick tutorials and also the long ones. Thanks brother! :)
Luca said…
Akyo> Thanks bro, yep I hope to do so and get to that point. The more artwork I see, the more I get obsessed! Thanks for the kind words.