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Free PS Brushe Ink drop & Splatter sets download

Free Photoshop Brushes Ink & Splatter sets download

There are some cool Photoshop brushes I found around the web.

Designed By:
Description: Ink dropping into water brush set. Download

Designed By: =AhmedGalal
Description: 27 high resolution ink and splatters brushes. Download

Designed By: Ahmedgalal
Description: High quality Ink and spaltters brush set 2 Download

Designed By: smashmethod
Description: 35 Splatter brushes great for Blood splatters grungy works a. Non-commercial work only. Download

I thought these brushes would be useful for you sketches and doodle practice, Enjoy!!!

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snow said…
Random post to say thanks!

Your slayer tutorial is fantastic! You have gone into great depth to show the whole process of producing concept art from start to finish, which is invaluable to me! Thanks!

Nick Fechter said…
Hey Xia! I would like to download these brushes that you posted, but I don't have the right program to download them. Could you tell me what program I should use to download them? If it's WinRaR then I'm going to have to decline.

Nick Fechter
Metal Factory said…
Xia, Thanks for the post! These brushes are awsome!
Just what i needed!
XIA said…
Snow> Thanks brother. I give it my best shot this time.

Nick Fechter> I think they are all zip. then .br when unzip

Metal Factory> My pleasure! thanks for stopping by.
Logan said…
hey dude, great site, loads of really interesting stuff, you're very very talented indeed.
XIA said…
Logan> Thanks...:) More to come I hope.