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Painting Mech process tutorial continue still work in process

Painting Mech Robot process tutorial continue still work in process.

From the very sketchy thumbnail composition last time, now I am going to the stage of what we usually called under-painting. At this stage, I am just focusing on the BIG shapes or the big elements of the Mech Concept's geometry form (forget the tiny bitty little detail for now). Focus on the main shape of the object and the direction of the light. And if there is under lighting, look out for that too. Also keep in mind what kind of material the concept design composed of such as metal (*video tutorial sample: art tutorial knight metal armor), gold (art tutorial painting gold color), rubber and such.
As for this image, I am shooting for finished shiny yellow color coat over metal, similar to somewhat like a yellow sport car or something of that sort. But nothing is set in stone at this point, since now I have to overall shape paint...I can still tweak the material or some of the pose if I need to (thanks to digital painting).
**I'm still not sure about the machine gun hand direction. The way it's position is more like a soldier holding an machine gun rather than the actual Mecha would hold it's own machine gun hand.
Here is "painting Mecha step by step" so far

So here we go, painting big shapes...
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

This is zoom in, you can see scribble lines everywhere. :P
How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

How to draw Manga, Mecha, Mech, Robot, anime, painting, speedpainting, speedpaint, tutorial

To be continued
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Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or
Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp (Free Download)

-Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)

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Chris said…
I don't know why I find mechs so appealing.. perhaps it's because there designs are like concept cars - only with giant MRL's and machineguns for hands.

Sweet design, the tube-like vent or whatever it is near his head is very nicely done.

Just trying to be useful here:

I'd agree on the machine gun arm though, it feels a bit forced in that position. I'd suggest maybe rotating it towards his body, but then it might not be easy to read.

Maybe he could be dragging it along the floor with sparks going everywhere? I don't know why it would do that though, and might not work with this lovely clean image.

Or maybe it's the blocky look the arm (as it is currently) that makes it look a little awkward. Perhaps the finger-like protrusions could bend in at the tips, if you get what I'm saying?

Off on a tangent: Do you picture the top of the arm spinning round as it fires? Because that's what it looks like you're going for.
Luca said…
Xia> Yep I agree with Chris, mecha are so appealing (although I don't draw many of them).

Regarding his arm I'd go back on the first thumbnail you posted yesterday (thumbnail 3). There the gun is like part of his hand and not like it's holding something. It's my idea, but you already know that whatever you'll do, I'll like it for sure! ;)

XIA said…
Chris> YES! Giant Machine Gun for hand or he can shoot out his fists. :D
I like mech cuz I was brainwashed as a child to watch all those Giant Robot Cartoons. Draging along is a good idea, but you right...I want to show the HUGE spinning round Machine gun. I finished tweaking it lastnight...coming up.

Luca> Yes! Luca...Machine gun arm. Ha ha ha...shoot 'em UP!