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FREE Photoshop Brush set download Paint Markers

FREE Photoshop Brush set download Paint Markers.

FREE Photoshop Brush set download Finger Paint.

Enjoy the Free Brushes, Now go paint something with it.

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These are great brushes, really nice to sketch with. Thanks so much for sharing!
XIA said…
Jade> You bet, though I didn't make them. I am just promoting them. You can visit his site on the link above. :) Have Fun sketching!
Richard said…
Nice brushes buddy, perfect for sketching, thanks for sharing the link.

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XIA said…
Richard> Thanks, but really you should thank he's the man who create the brush. I could send him my regard, but it would be great if you could visit his site and say hi and thanks. I think he would gladly appreciate. :)
C-Train said…
Free is good..thanx to all!!
Akyo said…
Hm dont you guys think that the brushes are too big?
I think I make something wrong and the brush repeats all the time if I paint with it, how can i soften the flow of the brush?
XIA said…
C-train> Thanks

Akyo> Big is good, you just have to reduce the size using [ or increase ]

To modify your brush goto top bar --> window --> brushes
Then you brush tab will open. Play around with Brush Tip Shape (rotation, spacing, etc.) and just keep playing with them until you get the effect you want. Then goto top left corner of the brushes window and "new Brush Preset"
It seems that you will have to play around with brushes more.
Here is also tutorial I made a long time ago.