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How to color a comic panel process tutorial step by step

How to color a comic panel process tutorial step by step.

Here is one of my favorite panel from the last update. An old lady with lantern, this one came out the way I really want the whole chapter to turn out, but it's most likely impossible. I like how the lighting in this particular panel turns out personally.
As when I do comic or Manga (color) panel, it requires quick way to finish (unlike illustration), not to the point of perfection but readability so that we can move on to the next panel and make the story flow.

Anyway, in this particular one I sketch out an image on a paper (a page in my sketchbook), then I scan it in and the process is as simple as down below step by step. Enjoy!

Here is how I color my comics Manga, final render.

Here are step by step process:
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson
6) Fin
how to color comics, cartoon, art lesson

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or
Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp (Free Download)

-Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)

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Luca said…
Yeah brother, I agree with you. This panel is cool. It has a good balance of cool and warm as well! I enjoy when I see some of your drawings that start on paper! By the way, does Arenanet use paper work or you there all work Totally with digital? Doug Williams for instance is one who makes lots of paper work on his blog - this is one of the things I like most in his works! He's a kick ass like all the team there!
Chris Reeve said…
I just like her mouth. Gummy!

Really though it's a cool paint job, it reminds me of watercolour paints. I particularly like 4 and 6 - it's like a before and after she lit the lantern.

Just found some more time to look at that hammer girl tutorial vid (it gets me in the mood for digital drawing). It's nice of you to include the long time spent on tweaking that character, as it shows that good designs tend to not just pop out of the air!
Chris Reeve said…
Off on a tangent: I was perusing and ended up at this piece showing Matt Dixon's working process:

It reminded me of how Xia does his work!
idrawgirls said…
Luca> Thanks brother! We use all...ONLY the result matters. I love drawing on paper, but it's more convenience to just digitize it at work, less time spend scaning, noodling drawing and such.

Chris> Thanks brother! Ah! Matt Dixon. I love Matt's stuff, it's so expressive and fun! (and the thick painterly feels) We used to go head to head (also with Doug) wayyyy back then when the Creature Of the Week just started. I only won twice, he won like three times and Doug three times I think. Great fun time! He does a lots of book illo nowadays I think.
MrChuckles said…
Your drawing skills are unbelievable, so I have one question for you,

How would you like to do freelance for me,

It will only be one set of about ten images

If you are interested please drop me an email,
idrawgirls said…
MrChuckles> Thanks Man :) Appreciate your kind words. I am all booked up at the moment with work, blogs, etc. So I cannot accept any freelance for a long while. :)
Though, I can use twitter to find suitable artist for you. I am sure there are thousands of artists on my twitters hundreds would response. Send me short detail of the job and I will tweet it out for you. :)