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Draw and color anime girl step by step process another attempt

Draw and color anime girl step by step process another attempt!

My last attempt to revive the old drawing of Anime looking character was not so successful. So I take a different direction. I am looking at a simpler and going with a fewer values.

Because of last time I try to maintain the simple anime face and try to render everything else clashed. Now, I am doing less but adding more of other element instead like designs, costume and such. It works out better than last time so it looks like I will be able to finish it in a couple sessions. It takes a lot of thinking than I think it would. Since I am doing the realistic render/ painting concept at work all day. It's a little tricky to switch the mentality and simplify and make good looking cartoon.

If you are looking for more of simple and typical Anime style drawing tutorials, you can go to How to draw Anime girl face front viewHow to draw Anime girl face side viewHow to draw Manga girl bodyDrawing Anime girl face 3/4 viewHow to draw Anime girl sitting pose.  These are all basic pencil drawing on paper tutorial, nothing complicated.  All of them should be easy to follow instruction with step by step images.

Here are some of the coloring tutorial for drawing Anime girl tutorials if you like the soft and lighter look or what we called hi-key color Anime Tutorial How to draw and color (Soft light blue color scheme.), Draw Anime Girl (light blue and Orange complimentary color schemes) and Draw and Color Comics woman ( peachy skin with blue) Enjoy the tutorial.

So here it is. Anime Spy girl so far

Still much to be done. Here are step by step coloring anime girl process:
how to color anime style
Now it's going to the direction that I want. Still there is some work to be done, clean up,
And I will finish it soon.

Hey, thanks for all the feedback GUYS!!! Appreciate :)
I clean up her skin tone on the chest area, I figured it doesn't need that many values as I previously painted. Sometimes it's necessary to scale back the value range and keep it simple for the sake making it looks better. :)
I change the leather color to white because white make it look more futuristic/ sci-fi and that what I am going for in this one. Brown leather color usually goes well with fantasy, western, etc.
Here is almost final version...
And of course...THE SUNSET way in the back behind them buildings for Pokepetter.
I think I am going to call it done here for now then go work on something else. I might have some idea to go further after that. But for now here it is :P
painting anime girl hitgirl

the final render version:
finished painting of anime girl with bounce light
Click here for BIGGER version: Anime Girl Hitman

Watch the video (older version) of how I sketch this one to begin with. Enjoy!

Coloring Anime girl Video tutorial: Basic

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pokepetter said…
I like that one too so it's nice to see you continuing on it. Maybe you should make the outside a cliche sunset. The abstract paint splats are nice too, so keep them :)
Zaphid said…
Looks much better this time, although there is something that keeps me bugging about the neck, he is quite tall and the black collar only makes it worse. Also the earrings are pretty realistic, personally, I would throw them away, they don't seem to make much sense in the picture.

Keep up the good work !
Luca said…
Cool design on her hips- well done brother.
Chris said…
Lookin' slick dude. Nice suit design. But the best part has to be those soldiers in the background. Looks like they just watched their best buddie get drilled by the twin handguns.
C-Train said…
where do u get all these great ideas??? did u go to school for this??
pokepetter said…
Yep. I like it better in white. And the guards or whatever are funny. Man what a stupid expression.
Knuckles930 said…
Havened had time to catch up on
everything, but at least managed to
get some internet again.

Almost halfway my time in Lombok here
so in about 3 months I should be
able to get on track again.

Anyhow things seem to be doing well
here, just have to see if Kapow is
going well. ;)
XIA said…
Pokepetter> Thanks brother, the sunset is also in :)

Zaphid> Thanks bro, good keen eyes you have.

Luca> Thanks brother

c-train> Tahnks brother

Knuckle> Kapow will be back :) for sure. Thanks for stopping by.
AndrĂ© Santos said…
I like a lot your work here in idrawgirls, and thanks to your tutorials i´ve been learning to draw and painting a lot better in digital media \o/. But I´ve some questions. First Do your worl the characther on another layer and the background in a layer below? A second do you pretend to make a pack of your brushes*I think many people would apreciate it.
Good job, I appreciate it
Chris said…
Hi Santos, Xia must be pretty busy at work so I hope you don't mind I'll try and help answer your questions.

The way Xia works is usually just on one layer, but when adding new objects/highlights and so forth he'll make sure it works on a separate layer first, then merge down. He also makes multiple copies of his main layer as back ups. I think the reason he works like this is because he likes to digitally paint like he would on a real canvas as much as possible.

Anyway when it comes to layers alot of people work with them completely differently - some have many layers, others have a few. Go with what's best for you. Having lots of layers helps with altering certain segments of your painting (if you can keep track of what is on what layer!).

I don't know what you mean about a pack of brushes. If you mean does he have custom brush sets then yes, and he usually supplies them with his downloadable tutorials. If you mean does he organise his brushes into different categories then I'm not too sure. I don't think he does but really again that is down to how you as an artist want to organise your working process.

Anyway I hope that helps, because I feel really weird typing out how someone else works! Good luck.
XIA said…
Andres> Chris is right :) He answered what I would have said. A lot of people (concept artists, matt painter) I know also work like that Danial Dociu, Doug Williams, Kekai,Ryan Church, Feng Zhu, etc.

Just think of Layers as tools in the process to get you to get to the final.

If you are graphic designers or graphic illustrator, you might need to keep your layers separate.

Chris> Thanks again for having my back. :)