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Huang Rong character concept art finally

Here is a final version of Huang Rong (黃蓉) aka Rong'er the character inspired by a Wuxia novel of Jin Rong or Louis Cha (查良鏞). If you want to see previous step by step process you can go to digital painting character design and then digital painting tutorial Rong'er, hope you like them.

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Anyway, here is a final version of Huang Rong.
Painting character design tutorial
Here is a bigger one: Huang Rong character design.
For tutorial how to paint the image go to 
Draw and paint female wizard step by step
character concept tutorial, 黃蓉

Here is a full size version of Huang Rong character concept.

Have a great day!
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Luca said…
Oh you managed to finish it... well done brother. I like the bamboo stick and love her costume design. The cats really tighten the piece with her belt design. Well done again.

Is that your signature or what cos I don't know those 汉字。

Knuckles930 said…
Nice, good to see this one done. Like Luca said, the bamboo stick looks great and the cats are a nice addition.
Shew said…
Well done! The faint tree in the background really adds a lot to the overall piece.
Felo said…
Great final job.

Awesome painting!
Love seeing all the details in the full version too.

Luca said…
For those interested, Flaptraps brushes are now available:

Peace out!
iriska said…
O, she is adorable !
And I really like cats :)
Alwysagamer said…
Hello Xia,

I noticed you use the mousepen 6x8 and GIMP. I use both but I seem to have a problem with my tablet. I dont know what settings are the best to draw or even sketch with. I've been searching around the internet for a loooonnnggg time but with no success. Whenever I want to use my tablet I just get frustrated because I feel I don't have it on the best settings for 100% work. For a person with such great art who also uses both products is there any way you could help me a guy who likes to draw or at the very least direct me to a site to help alleviate this ongoing problem?

On a related note I downloaded your awesome free tutorial...only to find it didnt work on my Windows XP computer. Just a heads-up in case you didnt know

Thank you whether you read, reply or not.
Above All said…
Ilove your blog..Its very inspiring to me.

keep it up.
XIA said…
Luca, Knuckle, Shew, Felo, Deitrix, iriska> Thank you guys, you are very kind. More to come. :)

Alwysagamer> I assume you just start using tablet? It will take a while to find your preferable setting that suits you. Once you get it, you will use it like using pencil. It takes time. Try Youtube, there might be some video that help you set up your computer with genuis or wacom.
I have XP also, and the downloadable works on mine and everyone else. You should figure your computer out, they should work on yours also...I wish I am more of an IT guy than an artist so I could help you with tips on tech stuff, but apparently I also suck at it. Good luck.

Above All> thanks man! see you around.
Karla said…
Hi Xia, just wanted to thank you, now I can get out all the weirdness of my mind and put it into paper.

Of course, Im just starting, but i've been improving a lot, thnks again for the inspiration and knowledge.
XIA said…
Karla> Thanks, Im glad you find this website useful. Hope to see you stick around. :)