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How to draw a nose

How to draw a nose step by step front view facial video tutorial. Another facial structure sketch and drawing study.

Now I am kind of back to basic stuff partly because I want to test out some video recording and timing of the drawing duration. There has been many request about drawing a nose so here it is. It is true that many artist struggling with drawing and sketching nose. One thing to keep in mind is that, when drawing a nose don't think of it as a nose, just draw or sketch according to lighting and provide the drawing with values you really see, not what you think you see or what it should look like from your imagination. Once you nail it down (drawing nose), you can then re-imagine how to correctly drawing a nose using value and line combination and how you see fit and actually make a nose looks pretty as it should.

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Here is a final sketch of a nose
How to draw nose

Here are step by step how to draw a nose
How to draw nose

Here is the final nose drawing
drawing nose tutorial

Watch a video tutorial How to draw a nose

Enjoy the BASIC drawing tutorial! :)

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Luca Cauchi said…
Hey brother, I see you're doing great tutorials here. They're definitely helpful, plus that it's always nice to see you drawing.

All the best.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for interesting tutorials Xia. It's great to see your work with traditional media etc pencils :)
Knuckles930 said…
Awesome. Nice to see some traditional work finally.

Now if everyone could start buying tutorials, than Xia can get a better camera. ;)

Keep it up.
Chris Reeve said…
Hey Xia et all!

Good to see some traditional drawing. Personally it's always so satisfying and tactile to just get some paper and a pencil and have some fun, no matter (what the outcome looks like!). How do you draw with a camera right in your way though?

Following on from Cyril, do you think you would ever be crazy enough to attempt a full on watercolour or oil painting in a video? Something tells me that would be a looooong video!

p.s. I still think that rogue samurai girl is super slick.
idrawgirls said…
Luca> thanks, I miss drawing too.

Anonymous> Thanks, me too.

Knuckles> Ha ha, nice one mate! :)

Cyril> Yep, finally...more are coming be patience. Three years in and still going strong! :)

Chris> It's so true!!! that's what I do.
But Wow brother, you are thinking BIG. Other than pencil, charcoal, pen, china markers, markers and any thing I can draw on...Im no good when it comes to Oil, water color,....I can get by...but those medium takes years to master.
Thanks, the rogue piece was somehow comes together...takes a lot of thinking then executing. I should do that more.
Chris Reeve said…
Yea it's alot to ask! I suck with paint and to be honest I don't like using it anyway, but if you could handle some watercolours enough to get one of your character designs coloured, man that'd be sweet.
Luca Cauchi said…
Xia> Yeah bro, drawing is always cool. lately I've been doing more oils than digital. I feel I learn much more with them, but I still love digital. I keep in mind that I started art in the first place with traditional art...

Regarding oil painting recording, if you can't make it with oils, you can always ask one of your colleagues - like J. Juan for instance ;)

But in any case, I'm still praying for some sunny days, they make people happier, therefore, paint more! :)