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Warrior Armor character design tutorial part 2

Warrior in armor character design tutorial part 2. Continued from the previous post, part 1, rough character concept painting.
Just got some time to continue fleshing out this drawing or painting of this dark barbaric warrior character. I was just design the character on the go though I do have some kind of a theme in mind but not totally flesh out.
As I paint I adapt the costume design and armor to what I see fits the mood of the character. In this session, I just get to finish up the design of the helmet mostly and part of the armor. There is still a lot of lighting and painting to be done.
Hopefully I will get some more time to work on it again this weekend.

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Here is the current image so far:
To see previous step go to
part 1) Rough character concept painting.

Here is step by step painting tutorial:
how to draw warrior
then closed up
Here is the work in progress so far:
how to draw warrior
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Luca said…
More refinement here! nice job bro. What about some tattoo on his arm? I have noticed that most of Kekai's barbarians have tattoos which make them look even more badass and tough...

Yeah still very early, but already looking fantastic!
kitchen tables said…
I am fascinated on your drawing. I am also an artist. As an artist I am proud on what you have made. I love those spikes. I love the details, It looks real.
Chris Reeve said…
I like all the black and foggy morning look, feels nice and moody. I know it'll probably change but it'd be nice to see 3 or 4 of these with different warriors.
XIA said…
Luca> Thanks brother! Ha ha...that's pretty much his things...he loves them tattoos. I will think about it if it fits.

Pokepetter> Oh yeah, and lots of them.

kitchen> thanks man, it is almost there, I just hope that I can maintain the mood and feel of it.

Chris> thanks brother, that's a good idea...3-4 more in the back and foggy environment. It might work out in the final. Will see.